Animal Tattoos

Fantastic Butterfly Stomach Tattoos

Butterflies are one of the prettiest and cutest creatures that are used as tattoo ideas. They look stunning and have several interesting meanings. People wear them on different body parts and one of the most common areas are stomachs. Sometimes

Cute Panda Bear Tattoo Ideas

When it comes to animal tattoos we can say that panda bear tattoos are not main stream tattoos but they are worn by people who just love these cute creatures. Their appearance inspires many girls and their nature captures men’s’

30 Amazing Shoulder Tattoos

As you know tattoos are worn on different body areas. On of the most attractive parts is the shoulder where you can get pretty tattoos. It provides enough space to create a fascinating and unique design. Shoulder tattoos are perfect

Amazing Lizard Tattoo Ideas

Though lizard tattoo designs are not so popular but there are many people that choose this particular tattoo. It has a significant symbolization and various designs. Here we represent the most amazing lizard tattoo ideas that can even inspire you

Wonderful Tiger Tattoos

Tiger is another animal that is used as a tattoo idea. Filling the list of animal tattoos tigers look very impressive and include several interesting meanings associated with their nature. The way they hunt and the way they rule over

Pretty Watercolor Tattoo Designs for 2016

The most artistic tattoos that are very fashionable for 2016 are watercolor tattoos. The cool and pretty way there are created inspires many men and women. Their vivid colors look so beautiful especially when combined harmoniously. The designs for these

Fascinating Hakuna Matata Tattoos

If you are born in 1994 you probably know the phrase Hakuna Matata. It’s the main song of the popular movie The Lion King. It’s a real Swahili phrase that means “don’t worry, be happy” or just “no worries”. After

Popular Female Celebrity Tattoos

Nowadays tattoo art becomes more and more fashionable and popular. People of different age groups, nations and social conditions wear tattoos of various styles. Sometimes they take examples form the most famous celebrities that go for original tattoos. There are

Wonderful Dove Tattoo Designs

Dove tattoos are cute and meaningful tattoos that are worn by both genders. Like any other tattoo they also have various designs combined with different elements. These designs can be either simple or complicated depending on the preferences of the

Modern Tattoo Ideas 2016

Everything tends to look fashionable when we use the modern approach. In the world of fashion we see new and new developments and various modern solutions. Designers do their best to create as creative and temporary designs as possible. The