Animal Tattoos

Unique Dragonfly Tattoo Designs

If you have never heard about dragonfly tattoos then this article can be quite interesting for you. Why do people choose this tattoo? The main purpose people wear these tattoos is based on the meanings they brings with them. So

Bull Skull Tattoos

Bull skull tattoos are generally worn by men and there are few women that choose these designs. There are lots of designs for bull skull tattoos. People who wear bull tattoos usually put some special meaning into it. If you

Creative 3D Tattoo Ideas for 2016

There are lots of tattoo ideas and tattoo designs that inspire many people and after wearing them they look quite cool. The latest style of tattoo designs is the 3D style which is recently widely used by many tattoo art lovers

Fashionable Colorful Tattoos

2016 is the year of colors and brightness, the brighter we wear the fashionable we look. So, the same is in tattoo art. Since colors make us more attractive and eye-catching, people who want to grab more attention sometimes choose

Crown Tattoo Designs

Crown tattoo designs are very popular both for men and women. The crown has been the symbol of royalty and authority for many centuries. Crown tattoos can be designed in various ways, combining with diamonds, jewels, crystals, and other elements

Wolf Tattoo Designs and Ideas

Wolf tattoos are considered to be mainstream tattoos and they are quite popular. They can be tattooed in different designs and shapes. Like all the animal tattoos wolf tattoos also represent traits typical to wolfs. Here we are going to

Fascinating Owl Tattoos

Owl is an interesting, pretty and meaningful tattoo that has a variety of choices. They are worn by both genders. They are usually colorful enough and are very detailed portraying the owl alone, but many may choose to include other

Scorpion Tattoos both for Men and Women

In Egypt there was a belief that when one life ends another life begins in the Afterworld. And the scorpion was a powerful guardian for ancient Egyptians and to their concept of afterlife. In fact, the scorpion was the symbol

20 Fantastic Ladybug Tattoos for Women

The recent popularity of tattoos is quite acceptable among men and women of all ages. Today there are done in several odd body parts that raise interest such as behind the ear, feet, lower legs or the lower back. There

Unique Dragon Tattoo Designs for 2016

In many cultures dragon plays a significant role. It is worshiped for rain and good weather in Chinese culture and unlike other legends it is supposed to be a positive character that has the ability to protect and help men