Arm Tattoos

Pagan and Wiccan Tattoo Designs

Today there are millions of religions all over the word. One may believe in several gods and goddesses and one may choose one god to worship. Depending on the religions we choose we start to live by the rules and

Yakuza Tattoo Art: Japanese Style

When it comes to Japanese tattoo art we see incredible art works on bodies. Yakuza tattoos are considered to be a branch of Japanese tattoo art. Discovering Yakuza tattoos you will notice that many people appreciate this art and go

Funny Puzzle Tattoos

Puzzle tattoos are not just simple creative tattoos, they can become very pretty, joyful and why not, meaningful tattoo designs. since the new style and fashionable solutions in tattoo art allow as look unique you can always choose tattoos that

Celebrity Tattoos

Most of the Hollywood celebrities and famous people go for tattoos choosing original and interesting designs. They inspire many people for their next tattoos and usually their examples are copied by their fans. In this article we’ll speak about the

Cute Panda Bear Tattoo Ideas

When it comes to animal tattoos we can say that panda bear tattoos are not main stream tattoos but they are worn by people who just love these cute creatures. Their appearance inspires many girls and their nature captures men’s’

30 Amazing Shoulder Tattoos

As you know tattoos are worn on different body areas. On of the most attractive parts is the shoulder where you can get pretty tattoos. It provides enough space to create a fascinating and unique design. Shoulder tattoos are perfect

Mexican Tattoo Designs

Mexican tattoos are generally mysterious and bold. The main souses of inspirations for these tattoos are the afterlife, Aztec history and their religion. In traditional Mexican tattoos you can meet skulls, death, and smoke and vampire images. They are basically

Hibiscus Flower Tattoo Designs

Flower tattoo designs are very popular especially among women. These tattoos make feminine body more beautiful and attractive. They have great symbolizations that are generally connected with beauty and femininity. Hibiscus flower tattoos also have interesting symbolizations and represent several

Stylish Anchor Tattoos Designs and Meanings

The first thing that crosses our mind when speaking or seeing an anchor is the sea. Of course mainly sailors, seamen and navy personnel deal with it but as a source of inspiration it plays a great role in tattoo

Awesome Daffodil Tattoo Designs

Daffodil is beautiful flower that has many symbolic meanings and due to these meanings it is used as a tattoo idea. Besides being pretty this flower is quite symbolic in many cultures. Generally it has either white color or yellow.