Arm Tattoos

Unique Dragon Tattoo Designs for 2016

In many cultures dragon plays a significant role. It is worshiped for rain and good weather in Chinese culture and unlike other legends it is supposed to be a positive character that has the ability to protect and help men

Fascinating Spider Tattoo Ideas

People always tend to make their body more beautiful and to emphasize the beauty of any part of their body. Tattoo gives them a great opportunity to wear designs on your bodies that will look both pretty and stylish. Some

Awesome Moon Tattoo Designs

Human beings are always attentive towards nature which amuses us with it’s miracles. Moon is one of the most mysterious things in the universe. There are many stories and legends connected with the moon. It is something that changes it’s

Ripped Skin Tattoo Designs

Since every field in our life lives progress and development tattoo art also keeps pace with it. Today we see such tattoo art works that make us amused and fascinated. These masterpieces inspire many people and they go for one.

Modern Music Tattoos for Music Lovers

You adore music and to show your love towards it you wear different accessories of musical signs, notes, and musical instruments and so on. Here are the best Modern Music Tattoos for Music Lovers that are made both artistically and

Amazing Tribal Tattoo Designs for Women

Perhaps you are interested in tribal tattoos and you mostly see them on men. But we are here to tell you the interesting story of these tattoos and to prove the fact that in ancient times women also wore them. So,

Snake Tattoo Ideas

Snake is one of the powerful and scary creatures in nature. However there are many people who love and care about this animal. There are many stories, myths and legends connected with snake. In ancient times snake symbolized a lot

Cross Tattoos for Men

As we know cross is one of the symbols of Christianity. It was the thing in which Jesus Christ passed away. After his resurrection, people started to have another attitude towards crosses. They started not only worship it but also

Stunning Lock and Key Tattoo Designs

Lock and key tattoo designs are used both by men and women as the meaning they contain fascinates everyone. There are number of designs for this tattoo which is usually worn on the chest or on the stomach. Here we

Hawaiian Tattoo Design

Hawaiian culture is known for it’s rich cultural heritage. Due to it today Hawaiian tattoos became very popular among men and women. They basically represent the culture of Hawaiian Islands. The fantastic nature that people see in Hawaiian Islands inspires