Face Tattoos

Crazy Face Tattoo Ideas

Face tattoos are recently becoming quite popular tattoos that are worn by men and women of different age groups. In this article you can find crazy face tattoo ideas that are going to drive you mad and make you think of

Prison Tattoos and Their Meanings

Each tattoo wearer should know the meaning of his/her tattoo because there are tattoos that are worn for special purposes and have deep symbolization. Today we’ll speak about prison tattoos that are not provided for everyone and only getting familiar

Incredible Face Tattoo Ideas

Perhaps the most incredible tattoos are face tattoos that not everyone goes for. It’s quite risky and demands more courage than other tattoos. Getting a tattoo on your face you should be ready for the various comments from people around

Dincky Turtle Tattoo Designs

Speaking about the designs of aquatic animal tattoos we come across to many cute and good-looking animals that look beautiful as tattoo designs. But turtle tattoos are not only pretty but also give a great opportunity of using different styles

Cool Bio-Mechanical Tattoo Designs

It is known that tattoos best reflect our passion or love towards someone or something. In recent years we see a noticeable tendency of wearing bio-mechanical tattoos that include the latest robot elements. If you are interested in bio-mechanical tattoo

Mexican Tattoo Designs

Mexican tattoos are generally mysterious and bold. The main souses of inspirations for these tattoos are the afterlife, Aztec history and their religion. In traditional Mexican tattoos you can meet skulls, death, and smoke and vampire images. They are basically

Full Body Tattoo Ideas

If you are a big fan of tattoo art, then probably you like all kinds of tattoo on any area of a body. We have already spoken about various tattoo designs on different parts of the body. Today we will

Face Tattoos for 2016

Tattoos are unique ways of showing your personal attitude towards some important things in life. Though people wear tattoos for different purposes but the way they want to express themselves is the same. The source of tattoo art comes from

50 Fantastic Star Tattoo Ideas For men and Women

If you have a look at the sky at night you’ll see so many stars that you will not be able to count all. Stars are the ornaments of the sky. They both pretty and mysterious. People love to have

25 Behind the Ear Tattoo Ideas

Tattoos are about to express your individuality and your own way of thinking and don’t imagine that they should always be loud or very visible. These 25 Behind the Ear Tattoo Ideas will help you to choose a better variant