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50 Fantastic Star Tattoo Ideas For men and Women

If you have a look at the sky at night you’ll see so many stars that you will not be able to count all. Stars are the ornaments of the sky. They both pretty and mysterious. People love to have

10 Awesome Gold Tattoo Ideas for 2016

In 2006 Nobuhiko Akatsuka, a tattoo artist from Japan, started the new style of tattoos called Gold. Arnaud Flambeau visited Japan, he was surprised by this genre and immediately decided to take it off in the Middle East.  This idea

25 Phoenix Tattoos for Men

When people decide to wear a tattoo they usually think carefully. Tattoos are for your entire life and the one you want to get should be an interesting one for you not to be soon bored. The tattoo that you

25 Bicycle Tattoo Ideas for Bicycle Lovers

Bicycle is something that is used by most of us. We love ride it because it’s not only good for our health but also is funny. People who love traveling often ride a bicycle as it allows you to see

30 Wonderful Love Tattoo Ideas for You

Love tattoo designs recently became very pretended. What do love tattoos show? They are usually devoted to the loved person or anyone that you love much: God, your mom, dad or any other family member. According to the taste of

20 Cute Bow Tattoo Ideas for 2016

If you are a woman and you decided to have your first tattoo then getting a cool bow tattoo is a good idea. Bow tattoos recently became right-down. Here we are going to offer you 20 cute bow tattoo ideas

Handprint Tattoo Ideas

Handprint tattoos are included among the most meaningful tattoos. They are supposed to represent children that are why they are mostly done worn by parents. This tattoo design can be done for people of the both genders. They are very

Hyper-realistic Skull Tattoos for 2016 by Drew Apicture

Perhaps you are inspired by the works of Drew Apicture: a tattoo artist from Australia. In this article we’ll refer to the works of this artist who is specialized in hyper-realistic tattoos. The designs and the images that he creates

Cool Sleeve Tattoo Designs for 2016

Talking about sleeve tattoos we can say that there is a large amount of choices for sleeves. They can be of different types such as, tribal, quotes,  dragons, fonts, angels, 3D, Polynesian or Maori. There are two types of sleeve

18 Spiritual and Startling Buddhist Tattoo Designs

If you have a solid belief in Buddhist philosophy and art or you are just inspired with it we offer you to have a look at these 20 spiritual and startling Buddhist designs where you can find tattoos which have