Hand Tattoos

Geeky Math Tattoo Ideas for Geekers

Perhaps you are a personality that can complete the list of people not just loving match but adoring it. For people who are always in this sphere the equations or anything found in math textbooks look as nice as anything

 Inspiring Vine Tattoo Designs

Vine tattoos are among the most meaningful tattoos that have beautiful designs. Vine and ivy designs are very popular all over the world. They contain deep symbolic meanings. It has a great importance for the wearer taking into consideration it’s

Cool Bio-Mechanical Tattoo Designs

It is known that tattoos best reflect our passion or love towards someone or something. In recent years we see a noticeable tendency of wearing bio-mechanical tattoos that include the latest robot elements. If you are interested in bio-mechanical tattoo

Pagan and Wiccan Tattoo Designs

Today there are millions of religions all over the word. One may believe in several gods and goddesses and one may choose one god to worship. Depending on the religions we choose we start to live by the rules and

Yakuza Tattoo Art: Japanese Style

When it comes to Japanese tattoo art we see incredible art works on bodies. Yakuza tattoos are considered to be a branch of Japanese tattoo art. Discovering Yakuza tattoos you will notice that many people appreciate this art and go

Fashionable Hand Tattoo Ideas for 2016

Hand tattoos are recently becoming main stream tattoos and are very popular. Though there are thousands of designs that can be depicted on hands but this body area provides less space for tattooing than any other place. It was only

Awesome Love Tattoo Designs

One of the most requested tattoos are Love tattoo designs. They mean everything for the wearer and show the kind nature of the person. They are worn by both genders in different styles and shapes. The symbols to represent love

Celebrity Tattoos

Most of the Hollywood celebrities and famous people go for tattoos choosing original and interesting designs. They inspire many people for their next tattoos and usually their examples are copied by their fans. In this article we’ll speak about the

Faith Tattoo Designs and Meanings

When it comes to inspirational tattoos many people choose  faith tattoos. Though they look simple but the meanings they contain are quite serious and positive. What is the faith? Faith means being sure of the things we hope for and

Cute Panda Bear Tattoo Ideas

When it comes to animal tattoos we can say that panda bear tattoos are not main stream tattoos but they are worn by people who just love these cute creatures. Their appearance inspires many girls and their nature captures men’s’