Japanese tattoos

10 Creative Tattoo Designs


In this article I am going to show you some creative and quite professionally depicted tattoo designs which look fascinating and grab attention. Here you can see designs in different styles like Japanese, tribal, 3D and traditional. These options are

Japanese Tattoo Designs

Japanese tattoo for women

Japanese tattoo art has a rich and fascinating history that comes from old times. These tattoos are closely connected with the Japanese culture and the designs include elements of this rich culture. They are generally very complicated, colorful and meaningful.

Unique Fish Tattoos

fish tattoo designs

When it comes to fish tattoos the options are various including different styles like 3D, watercolor or Japanese. But the most popular fish tattoo is Koi fish tattoo coming from Asian cultures. It has not only beautiful designs but it

20 Pretty Leg Sleeve Tattoos for Girls

leg sleeve tattoos

Sleeve tattoos are very popular among both genders. They are very eye-catching and the designs are usually quite complicated. Men usually get arm sleeve tattoos taken from the Japanese tattoo art while women choose leg sleeve tattoos to emphasize the

Tribal Dragon Tattoo Designs

tribal dragon tattoo on nape 2015

In our articles we often refer to the tribal style and this time we’ll speak about tribal dragon tattoo designs that are worn by both genders. We’ll also briefly tell you about the origin of tribal tattoos and their meanings.

Yakuza Tattoo Art: Japanese Style

Yakuza Tattoo on back for men 2015

When it comes to Japanese tattoo art we see incredible art works on bodies. Yakuza tattoos are considered to be a branch of Japanese tattoo art. Discovering Yakuza tattoos you will notice that many people appreciate this art and go

30 Amazing Shoulder Tattoos

quotes birds shoulder tattoo

As you know tattoos are worn on different body areas. On of the most attractive parts is the shoulder where you can get pretty tattoos. It provides enough space to create a fascinating and unique design. Shoulder tattoos are perfect

Wonderful Tiger Tattoos

3D tiger tattoo

Tiger is another animal that is used as a tattoo idea. Filling the list of animal tattoos tigers look very impressive and include several interesting meanings associated with their nature. The way they hunt and the way they rule over

Modern Tattoo Ideas 2016

human head robot tattoo

Everything tends to look fashionable when we use the modern approach. In the world of fashion we see new and new developments and various modern solutions. Designers do their best to create as creative and temporary designs as possible. The

Amazing Sleeve Tattoo Designs

Female Face Sleeve

What is a sleeve tattoo? This is a very fashionable and popular large tattoo, or a collection of smaller tattoos that covers most or a person’s entire arm, usually from shoulder to wrist. For instance, “getting sleeved” can mean to