Japanese tattoos

Geisha Tattoo Designs

Geisha tattoo designs are one of the most prominent and unique designs that people wear.  It is a misunderstanding when people say that Geishas are women of the night. It is a cultural aspect and just something about prostitute. Geisha

Full Body Tattoo Ideas

If you are a big fan of tattoo art, then probably you like all kinds of tattoo on any area of a body. We have already spoken about various tattoo designs on different parts of the body. Today we will

Wonderful Umbrella Tattoos

Umbrella tattoos are one of the most fascinating tattoo designs that we have ever seen. It symbolizes protection against natural aspects like rain or sunshine. It is known that the word umbrella also stands for other forms of protection. This

Unique Dragon Tattoo Designs for 2016

In many cultures dragon plays a significant role. It is worshiped for rain and good weather in Chinese culture and unlike other legends it is supposed to be a positive character that has the ability to protect and help men

Meanings of Japanese Tattoos

Japanese tattoos are considered to be original and meaningful tattoos. They are widely used by many people. Their designs always attract people as they look beautiful and unique. Their style differs from other tattoo styles. It mostly contains beautiful floral

Discover Japanese Water Tattoo Designs

Water is considered to be the one of the most  important things in the world. In many cultures it is believed that human life also goes back to water elements. Using water elements in tattoo art is very popular. It