Tattoos for Women

The Most Unusual Tattoo Ideas for 2016

Perhaps you have a fantastic idea in your head and want to express it in a way that no one may do. Getting a tattoo design is always interesting and grabs attention. So, if you think of something unusual or

Crown Tattoo Designs

Crown tattoo designs are very popular both for men and women. The crown has been the symbol of royalty and authority for many centuries. Crown tattoos can be designed in various ways, combining with diamonds, jewels, crystals, and other elements

R.I.P. Memorial Tattoos

Memorial tattoos are the ones that are done for special purposes and not just for fun. They are worn to show your love and respect towards your beloved person. People wear them when they lose someone very important for them

Cool Dice Tattoo Ideas

Perhaps dice tattoos interest many people, especially among men. On of the most interesting facts about these tattoos is that they can be combined with various themes. In this article we are going to discuss dice tattoo ideas and represent

Gypsy Tattoos and Meanings

Gypsy tattoos are the ones that include one of the most popular symbols in them. An interesting feature about the gypsy body art is the fact that there are many different things that you can do with all the possible

Michael Jackson Tattoos

When we speak about the world of music we are supposed to remember about “King of Pop”, Michael Jackson. This artist was one among many others that had a worldwide fame and was the idol of many people. He was loved during

Interesting Tree Tattoo Ideas

If you think tree tattoos are less worn, you are wrong, because tree having a prominent significance in many cultures inspires many people go for these tattoos. It was always associated with life and symbolized life itself. It is one

Fascinating Owl Tattoos

Owl is an interesting, pretty and meaningful tattoo that has a variety of choices. They are worn by both genders. They are usually colorful enough and are very detailed portraying the owl alone, but many may choose to include other

White Ink Tattoos That are Done Right

Generally there is an opinion that white ink tattoos tend to get much bad press. There is another opinion that they look like hives and they may soon fade. Any good tattoo design can turn bad if not done professionally.

Fantastic UV Ink Tattoos

Sometimes tattoo art amuses people the way we even can’t imagine. The development it crosses trough coming from ancient times is very interesting. Starting from ancient tribal tattoo styles to the modern white tattoos and glossy gold tattoos and continuing