Tattoos for Women

Grim Reaper Tattoo Ideas

Grim Reaper tattoos are generally incredible tattoos that have interesting images and designs. Though scary they look cool and eye-catching. The detailed works that can be seen on these designs take you away from the reality and make you think

Incredible Face Tattoo Ideas

Perhaps the most incredible tattoos are face tattoos that not everyone goes for. It’s quite risky and demands more courage than other tattoos. Getting a tattoo on your face you should be ready for the various comments from people around

Poem Tattoo Ideas

So far we have been discussing quote tattoos that very often inspire many people and they just live with those words. This is perhaps one of the reasons people go for such tattoos. However, compared with quote tattoos that can

Dincky Turtle Tattoo Designs

Speaking about the designs of aquatic animal tattoos we come across to many cute and good-looking animals that look beautiful as tattoo designs. But turtle tattoos are not only pretty but also give a great opportunity of using different styles

Pretty Fairy Tattoo Designs

When it comes to modern tattoo designs especially for women, fairy tattoos appear on the list of the most demanded tattoos after flowers, fashionable designs and cute feminine tattoo ideas. These tattoos are mainly worn by women but some men

Stylish Lower Back Tribal Tattoos

Generally lower back tattoos are very attractive due to the chosen styles and designs. One of the most used styles is tribal that is used both by men and women in different shapes. These tattoos come from ancient times and

Geeky Math Tattoo Ideas for Geekers

Perhaps you are a personality that can complete the list of people not just loving match but adoring it. For people who are always in this sphere the equations or anything found in math textbooks look as nice as anything

 Inspiring Vine Tattoo Designs

Vine tattoos are among the most meaningful tattoos that have beautiful designs. Vine and ivy designs are very popular all over the world. They contain deep symbolic meanings. It has a great importance for the wearer taking into consideration it’s

Lovely Leaf Tattoo Ideas

The majority of leaf tattoo ideas are inspired by the autumn season when everything is covered with colorful leaves. These tattoos look quite interesting and tender. Bringing out the vibrant red, orange, yellow and yellowish green colors leaves are great

Pagan and Wiccan Tattoo Designs

Today there are millions of religions all over the word. One may believe in several gods and goddesses and one may choose one god to worship. Depending on the religions we choose we start to live by the rules and