Temporary Tattoos

Amazing Temporary Tattoos for Women 2016


Temporary tattoos are always available in case you wish to get a tattoo but nor for permanent. They give a nice opportunity of making your body more attractive for some period of time.  These tattoos are especially loved by women

The Strangest Tattoo Ideas

strange tattoo on arm

21st century is the age full of the strangest ideas that people ever fulfill. Each can do whatever crosses his/her mind without asking any permission, rule or limit. And we looking at this crazy world discover so many interesting and

Sweet Fruit Tattoo Designs

fruit tattoo designs

Bring a summer touch into your body. Sounds interesting? This article that tells about sweet fruit tattoo designs can keep you in a funny mood and perhaps will inspire you for your next tattoo. Though fruit tattoos are not main

Temporary Tattoos That Look Real 2016

Decal (press-on) temporary tattoo for body

People going for tattoos usually want to show their passion towards something or just have fun by getting a unique design on their bodies. However not everyone risks to go for permanent tattoos and temporary tattoos are just for them.

Great Tattoo Ideas for 2015-2016

awesome 3D tattoo

People looking for the most fashionable, the most recent and the most creative concepts also like the idea of getting a stylish, up-to-date tattoo on their bodies. Nowadays tattoo artists improve their designs day by day and try to create

Incredible Face Tattoo Ideas

Small Face Tattoos for Girls 2015

Perhaps the most incredible tattoos are face tattoos that not everyone goes for. It’s quite risky and demands more courage than other tattoos. Getting a tattoo on your face you should be ready for the various comments from people around

Fashionable Colorful Tattoos

colorful tattoo 2015

2016 is the year of colors and brightness, the brighter we wear the fashionable we look. So, the same is in tattoo art. Since colors make us more attractive and eye-catching, people who want to grab more attention sometimes choose

Temporary Tattoo Ideas

transfer tattoos

Perhaps you want to take in part in such festivals, carnivals and parties that demand some kinds of tattoos to be done on your body. You don’t want to get a permanent tattoo but still need to amuse your friends

Wonderful Henna Tattoos

Henna Tattoo Design on back

The name henna generally refers to the dye prepared from the namesake plant and the art of temporary tattooing based on those tints. It was used even in ancient times to dye skin, hair and fingernails both by men and

Pretty Collar Bone Tattoo Ideas

collar bone tattoo 2015

As we know tattoo art is among the art braches that goes back to ancient times. Over the thousand years tattoo artists have developed the designs and the ideas for tattoos. Today we can see millions of designs and ideas