Awesome Bird Flocks Tattoos for 2016

Each of us fills with positive emotions when seeing a bird flock. It’s one of the magical aspects of nature that makes us think of the beautiful things in this world. When birds fly together you think that they are

30 Creative Tattoo Ideas for 2016

As we know tattoo art goes back to old times and it has a long and rich story. People started to wear tattoos even in old times when they were living among different tribes. To recognize each other they got

Unique Small Tattoo Designs for 2016

People sometimes prefer to have small tattoos as a first tattoo. They gain more bravery after getting that cute one. Then they go for larger ones. In this article we will show you 40 Unique Small Tattoo Designs for 2016.

Discover Japanese Water Tattoo Designs

Water is considered to be the one of the most  important things in the world. In many cultures it is believed that human life also goes back to water elements. Using water elements in tattoo art is very popular. It

40 Superb Butterfly Tattoo Designs for Women

Butterfly is a pretty creature that each lady loves. It is light, small and cute. Many women wear butterfly tattoos for different reasons. Some just like it’s designs and some put special meaning to their butterfly tattoo design. There are

Face Tattoos for 2016

Tattoos are unique ways of showing your personal attitude towards some important things in life. Though people wear tattoos for different purposes but the way they want to express themselves is the same. The source of tattoo art comes from

Eiffel Tower Tattoo designs for Romantics

Speaking about the Eiffel tower we can’t miss the chance of representing the city of love, light and elegance. Paris; the center of dreams and romantics. Many couples choose just Paris for their honeymoon. Each year millions of people visit

Pretty Rain Tattoo Designs for You

Water is the most important thing in our lives. Raindrops that are compiled by water look not only interesting but also cool. They are one of the magical things that nature gives us. There is something nice and calm in

2016 Original Razor Tattoo Ideas

Razors had always followed us starting from 5th century. People used them for different purposes and they are still useful items that we keep with us. There are different types and shapes of razors; even artistically made ones. In 19th

Morning Glory Tattoo Ideas for Girls

Morning Glory is a beautiful flower that has a shape of trumpet and blossoms at the start of the day. When you plant a cluster of morning glories at the same place they spray a dash of hues there. The