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10 Creative Tattoo Designs

In this article I am going to show you some creative and quite professionally depicted tattoo designs which look fascinating and grab attention. Here you can see designs in different styles like Japanese, tribal, 3D and traditional. These options are

Dogwood Flower Tattoo Designs

There are many pretty flowers used as tattoo ideas especially for girls. So far we have discussed many flower tattoos and today we’ll speak about dogwood flower tattoo designs. it’s a very beautiful flower and captures our souls due to

Small Flower Tattoos for Women

In our articles we often refer to flower tattoo designs and their meanings. There are some flower tattoos that are considered to be main stream tattoos and have special symbolization. In this article we have collected the best small flower

 Inspiring Vine Tattoo Designs

Vine tattoos are among the most meaningful tattoos that have beautiful designs. Vine and ivy designs are very popular all over the world. They contain deep symbolic meanings. It has a great importance for the wearer taking into consideration it’s

30 Amazing Shoulder Tattoos

As you know tattoos are worn on different body areas. On of the most attractive parts is the shoulder where you can get pretty tattoos. It provides enough space to create a fascinating and unique design. Shoulder tattoos are perfect

Hibiscus Flower Tattoo Designs

Flower tattoo designs are very popular especially among women. These tattoos make feminine body more beautiful and attractive. They have great symbolizations that are generally connected with beauty and femininity. Hibiscus flower tattoos also have interesting symbolizations and represent several

Pretty Watercolor Tattoo Designs for 2016

The most artistic tattoos that are very fashionable for 2016 are watercolor tattoos. The cool and pretty way there are created inspires many men and women. Their vivid colors look so beautiful especially when combined harmoniously. The designs for these

Sunflower Tattoo Designs

We have discussed several flower tattoo designs such as roses, lotuses, orchids and now it’s time for sunflower tattoo designs. Sunflower is a pretty plant that can be seen in many gardens. People love to grow it near their houses

Geisha Tattoo Designs

Geisha tattoo designs are one of the most prominent and unique designs that people wear.  It is a misunderstanding when people say that Geishas are women of the night. It is a cultural aspect and just something about prostitute. Geisha

Stunning Lock and Key Tattoo Designs

Lock and key tattoo designs are used both by men and women as the meaning they contain fascinates everyone. There are number of designs for this tattoo which is usually worn on the chest or on the stomach. Here we