20 Pretty Leg Sleeve Tattoos for Girls

Sleeve tattoos are very popular among both genders. They are very eye-catching and the designs are usually quite complicated. Men usually get arm sleeve tattoos taken from the Japanese tattoo art while women choose leg sleeve tattoos to emphasize the beauty of their legs. Focusing on the tattoo depicted on legs brings out the attractiveness of woman body.leg sleeve tattoosThere are various designs for sleeve tattoos and it doesn’t matter where you want to get it; on arm or on leg, the design won’t change it’s shape. Most common leg sleeve tattoo designs consist of floral elements, nature and the alike. The styles chosen for these tattoos are very different. One may like the idea of getting a watercolor design, another may prefer the Japanese style, and some women choose tender vine tattoo designs and so on. But there are cases when women use their imagination to create a unique tattoo designs that will introduce their personality and nature. These tattoos are usually inked with different colors which make them even flashier. Depending on the design you choose you can use colors that go with the images. What concerns the images, sleeve tattoos contain several images of different things generally associated with each other. For example Japanese tattoos may offer designs where you can see patterns from nature combined with animals that symbolize interesting meanings connected with the Japanese culture. Watercolor tattoos look more artistic and delicate. The splash of colors allows it look more beautiful than any other artistic approach.  To get a more effective tattoo some women also choose 3D style which brings a real looking image. Combining leg and arm sleeve tattoos also looks interesting but in this case it’s better to match the designs of the tattoos not to make your appearance odd. Here we’ll represent 20 pretty leg sleeve tattoos for girls and if you have decided to get one you can choose a design from the following examples.

Japanese Leg Sleeve Tattoosjapanese sleeve tattoo 2016

japanese leg sleeve tattoos for girls

japanese sleeve tattoo designVine Leg Sleeve Tattoosvine leg sleeve tattoo

vine leg tattoo for girls

vine sleeve tattoo for girlsWatercolor Leg Sleeve Tattooswatercolor leg sleeve tattoo for girls

watercolor sleeve tattoo idea

watercolor sleeve tattoo3D Leg Sleeve Tattoos3D leg sleeve tattoo

3D sleeve tattooFlower Leg Sleeve Tattoos for Girlsrose flower sleeve tattoos

flower leg sleeve tattoo

flower leg sleeve tattoos

flower sleeve tattoosCartoon Leg Sleeve Tattooscartoon leg sleeve tattoos

cartoon leg tattoosAnimal Leg Sleeve Tattoosanimal leg sleeve tattoo deisgns

animal sleeve tattoo for girls

animal sleeve tattoos



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