30 Amazing Shoulder Tattoos

As you know tattoos are worn on different body areas. On of the most attractive parts is the shoulder where you can get pretty tattoos. It provides enough space to create a fascinating and unique design. Shoulder tattoos are perfect way of expressing your personality and way of thinking. It’s advantage is that you can cover your tattoo whenever you want. Both men and women love to wear shoulder tattoos and that’s why we devoted a special article to shoulder tattoos. Here we represent 30 amazing shoulder tattoos that are the best options made ever.

These tattoos can be depicted in various themes including Japanese culture, ancient tribal and Celtic styles and the modern 3D shapes.

Japanese Tattoos on ShoulderJapanese Tattoos on Shoulder 2016

Japanese Tattoos on Shoulder dragon

Japanese Tattoos on Shoulder for men

Japanese style tattoos are great choices for shoulder tattoos and are very common in tattoo art. There are plenty of themes according to the Japanese culture. For shoulder tattoos you can choose nice cherry blossoms which are very feminine and looks pretty. Men may prefer an impressive image of a dragon depicted in a way as if it’s in a movement. Another option can be the popular Koi fish design combined with tigers and waves. If you are fond of Japanese culture you can get a piece of it on your shoulder. Besides being complicated and much detailed they also look very beautiful

Tribal Tattoos on ShoulderTribal Tattoos on Shoulder 2016

Tribal Tattoos on Shoulder for men

Tribal Tattoos on Shoulder for women 2016

Tribal Tattoos on Shoulder for women

Tattoos for men are Men Celtic tattoo designs , tattoo signs of the zodiac for men, Men symbols tattoos and Men tribal tattoo patterns. Featuring snakes tattoos, birds tattoos, wolves tattoo designs and tigers tattoo designs as well as dragons tattoo designs.Ancient tribal style inspires many people especially among men who tend to wear a cool tattoo design. It can look fantastic on shoulder. For large and bold tribal tattoos shoulder is a great body part. You can get a large Polynesian design combined with sharp lines and angles. Other designs can provide Celtic style which is also very mysterious and brings the touch of antiquity.

Quote Tattoos on Shoulderquite shoulder tattoo

quite tattoo on shoulder

quote shoulder tattoo 2016

quote shoulder tattoo for men

quote shoulder tattoo idea

quote tattoo on shoulder for men

quotes birds shoulder tattoo

quotes hsoulder tattoo for menQuotes look very gorgeous on shoulders. They make that body place more attractive and sophisticated. If you have decided to wear a quote tattoo then you’d better get it on your shoulder. Here you can see some tender examples of quote tattoos on shoulders.

Shoulder tattoos can also include a flock of birds, flowers, small butterflies or a large one, different floral trims for women and men can choose the latest creative bio-mechanical tattoos. Before wearing any tattoo on your should do a thorough research and look for as many shoulder tattoo pictures as possible to find a designs that best describes you.Biomechanical tattoo 2016

Biomechanical tattoo

shoulder dragon tattoo

shoulder tattoo bird 2016

shoulder tattoo bird

shoulder tattoo birds

shoulder tattoo butterflies

shoulder tattoo idea for men

shoulder tattoo idea

star tattoo on shoulder 2016

star tattoo on shoulder

stars tattoo on shoulder

flower shoulder tattoo

3D butterfly tattoo on shoulder

butterfly tattoo on shoulder

pretty shoulder tattoo



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