35 Wonderful Compass Tattoo Ideas

Any traveler knows what an important equipment is a compass. When traveling one should always take a compass with him, as it will help him in several situations. Spanish conquistadors were the first sailors who had compass tattoos. Many believe that in the early centuries these designs were used by Celts along with several people of European origin. Today nautical lovers, fishermen and military personnel usually love the idea of having a compass tattoo on their bodies. There are many styles of compass tattoos such as rose compass, star compass, nautical star compass, prismatic compass ad many others.

compass tattoo on hand 2016

compass-tattoo-world map 2016

The design of this tattoo also symbolizes safety and for this reason it was rendered on the ship.  It is also believed that if you have a compass tattoo you are protected during your traveling and that you will come back home safely and in one piece. There is such tendency among the family members of naval officers and fishermen that they also wear compass tattoos or jewelry with a compass element to support and wish a safe traveling their loves ones.

compass tattoo on foot 2016


People also do not omit the meaning of the compass tattoo styles. For example the compass tattoo which has a star on it represents the North Star, which is believed to be the point of origin that guides people to the right directions. There is also another feature in this tattoo that attracts people: it’s aesthetic appeal that gives it a kind of tenderness.

compass-tattoo-on arm 2016

black compass tattoo on the left shoulder

As we know a compass is a thing which is used by different kinds of people, but the personnel from armed like the idea of having it as a tattoo design. Here again we see that people believe in the power of this tattoo design. As the letter N represents the north in many compass shape tattoos we can see this very letter. And armed forces often look at that letter believing that it can help them not to be lost and that they will return home safely.



compass-tattoo-rose in the center

Though compass tattoos symbolize a direction, they have a kind of association with time. And for this reason many use them with such things that represent time: clocks, hour glasses and sun dials. There are also compass tattoos which are interesting combinations of floral designs and ribbons.

small compass-tattoo-on the left hand

compass-tattoo-on foot, orange circle

As human imagination has no limits we can see the globe in several compass tattoo ideas. Sea travelers prefer to have plus stars and an anchor drawn on the compass tattoo, since plus is an important instrument for marine travelers.

compass-tattoo-on back (man)


Speaking about the meanings of a compass tattoo we should mention the most important meaning of it: supporting, protecting and stopping from getting lost. This has both philosophical and literary meaning. Besides the fact that people feel safe with a compass tattoo on them, they also look great and are very beautiful.

compass-tattoo-black, red, orange


A remark for dreamers: following your compass tattoo you can reach your dreams, as it helps you find the right direction not only when you are lost, but also in the way of your life. This tattoo design is believed to be a miraculous one.

compass-tattoo-3D map, orange

compass-tattoo-take me home

This tattoo seems to offer a piece of hope to people who struggle in their lives trying to find the right personal and professional direction. As the compass style tattoos had a great variety of designs they soon became popular and continue to be on the top.

Here you can see some Wonderful Compass Tattoo Ideas.

compass-tattoo-book, heart

the globe and a compass tattoo on back

simple compass tattoo on hand

big round compass tattoo

compass-tattoo-fresh black, on shoulder (man)

compass-tattoo-fresh on the back

compass-tattoo-leaves, rose


compass-tattoo-designs-red rose on back

compass-tattoo-designs-on the left hand

compass-tattoo-designs on left side 2016


compass-tattoo-circle -rose

compass-tattoo-right side

compass-tattoo-on shoulder



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