Airplane Tattoo Designs

Modern airplane tattoo designs are quite fashionable today. They are very creative and are worn by both genders. In this article you can discover the most beautiful and the most creative airplane tattoo ideas that will surely inspire you for your next tattoo. Like butterfly tattoos these tattoos have meanings connected with  flight. But the main symbolization of an airplane tattoo is traveling. If you love traveling so much that you are ready to get a travel inspired tattoo design on your body then getting a cute airplane tattoo is a good idea. There are many designs, shapes and sizes for these tattoos. Many designs show the shape of a real airplane, some bring out the shape of a cartoon airplane and some others represent the shape of a paper airplane which we used to create when we were little kids.small airplane tattoo on handSpeaking about airplane tattoos we can say that these tattoos include positive meanings that could be hold by many other ideas but people have chosen this modern machine which proves that it also can bring these meanings. Similar to bird and butterfly tattoos modern airplane tattoos symbolize flight, freedom, traveling and lightness. As a unique tattoo design an airplane is quite appropriate and if you have decided to wear a stylish tattoo perhaps this article can help you find a good tattoo idea. Now we’ll discuss some possible airplane tattoo designs.

Real Looking Airplane Tattoo Designs

These tattoos are very impressive especially depicted din 3D style. If you want your tattoo to grab more attention and be fascinating you will love the idea of getting a real looking airplane tattoo. It can be worn on different body areas and are usually tattooed in large sizes. Generally men prefer these tattoos and women go for smaller designs.airplane tattoo 2016

airplane tattoo on back

airplane tattoo on foot

plain tattoo image

real looking 3D airplane tattoo

real looking 3D plain tattoo

real looking airplane tattoo design

real looking airplane tattoo

real looking plain tattoo idea

real looking plain tattoo

plain tattoo 2016Paper Airplane Tattoos

Perhaps you remember the times when you used to create a huge paper airplane and played with it. Now you play a paper airplane tattoo that looks very nice worn on different body parts. These tattoos can also be depicted in 3D style and can be colored with several subtle white plain tattoos

paper airplane tattoo for girls

paper airplane tattoo idea

3D paper airplane tattoo 2016

3D paper airplane tattooSmall Airplane Tattoos on Wrist and Hand

If you want to get a small tattoo design and wish it be a unique design then you can get an airplane image on your wrist or hand. They are generally inked by black ink and show simple shapes of airplanes either real looking or paper shaped.small airplane tattoo on wrist

small plain tattoo on wrist

hand plain tattoo

plain tattoo on hand

plain tattoo wristNow, look at these examples of airplane tattoos and feel the endless fantasy of human beings. plain tattoo ankle

plain tattoo ear

plain tattoo on foot

simple airplan etattoo

airplane tattoo design 2016

airplane tattoo deisgn on back



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