Amazing Animal Tattoo Ideas for Men and Women

There are many animal tattoos that are worn by both genders. People usually choose an animal tattoo that best represents their personality, characteristic features and nature. According to you lifestyle you can find similar features between you and a particular animal. Here we represent amazing animal tattoo ideas for men and women and depending on your interests you can choose any of the following designs as a tattoo design. Most animal tattoos carry deep symbolization and this is the main reason why people choose this or that animal as a tattoo idea. As these tattoos are very popular we’ll discuss the most common animals that are used as tattoo ideas.bear tattoo

butterfly tattoos

butterfy tattoo

cancer zodiac tattoo

cat tattoo design

cat tattoo idea

cat tattooAs you know there are fast and slow animals, strong and weak animals and just beautiful animals. Men and women generally choose an animal that shares several personal bonds with them. A great animal tattoo example is wolf that has a fascinating lifestyle and many people find similarities between them and wolves. Since we have special articles for each animal you can read the symbolic meanings of your favorite animal in our articles. Other good examples are lions, tigers, bulls, cats, bears, horses, reptiles, turtles etc. Among insect tattoos you can find butterfly, dragonfly, bee, ladybug and other cute creatures. Birds compile another group of tattoos including eagles, swallows, hummingbirds, bluebirds and doves. There are cases when men wear raven tattoos too. Fish tattoos are also very common and there are types of fish that come from the Japanese culture representing some deep meanings like Koi fish. The designs for animal tats can be masculine and more feminine. Men may choose larger sizes for their tattoos while women prefer small cute designs.

These tattoos are worn on various body areas and can cover even larger spaces like back, chest or arm. In many these tattoos are combined with zodiac signs and they look complete taken along with the image of the animal that represents that zodiac sign like bulls for Taurus, lion for lions, scorpion for scorpions, fish for fish etc.dear tattoo idea

eagle tattoo idea

Eagle Tattoo

eagle tattooIf you have decided to wear an animal tattoo but don’t know which one to choose these pictures will help you orientate and take the one that meets your desires. You can get either a cartoon tattoo or one bringing out more realistic image. 3D style is usually used in animal tattoo design to make them look more effective. If you like this idea, then go ahead and get a 3D animal tattoo. Before choosing any design think of the colors and pick hues that suit your tattoo.elephant tattoo on back

fish tattoo 2016

fish tattoo

fish zodiac  animal tattoo

fox tattoo

horse tattoo 3D style

horse tattoo design

horse tattoo

hummingbird tattoo 2016

hummingbird tattoo

ladybug tattoo

lion tattoo

panda tattoo

reptile tattoo

swallow tattoo

swallow tattoos

tiger tattoo

watercolor wolf tattoo

wolf tattoo 2016

wolf tattoo design



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