Hottest Air Balloon Tattoo Designs

Air balloon tattoos are not main stream tattoos but they are quite positive. They look not only seductive but also contain several amusing meanings. They are rather captivating when depicted in 3D style and in this article we’ll discuss not only standard air balloon tattoo designs but also ones inked in 3D style. So, keep your eye on these striking tattoo ideas and get inspired by the way they are reflected on bodies.air balloon sleeve tattoo

air balloon tattoo 2016

air balloon tattoo design

air balloon tattoo idea

air balloon tattoo on arm

air balloon tattoo on legMeanings of Air Balloon Tattoos

Air balloon tattoos being so spiffy and alluring also have positive meanings which are connected with liberty and free life. They symbolize freedom, energy and strength in your life. Their silent and smooth nature always captures our attention and it feels as if flying in the air they create another world around them. The most inspiring thing, perhaps in air balloon tattoos is the way they are colored. Usually we see them in bright and “happy” colors which also speak about their positive and attractive nature. They can symbolize your emotions and feelings and if you add personal elements to the tattoo design it may look rather unique. The concept of the air balloon tattoo is “No matter what, take it easy”. And it’s the most fascinating thing about these modern vintage-looking tattoos. We face many difficulties in our lives but whatever it may be we should find the courage of rising and continuing to live looking forward to the positive side of the life.air balloon tattoo purple

air balloon tattoo summer

air balloon tattoo with birds

air balloon tattoo with clouds

air balloon tattoo

air balloon tattoowith flowers 2016

amazing watercolor air balloon tattoo on arm

colorful air balloon tattoo 2016Air Balloon Tattoo Designs

Air balloon tattoos seduce not only painters but also tattoo artists who create incredible designs. You can see various air balloon tattoo ideas depicted on different body parts. They are worn both by men and women and depending on your sex you can choose either a male or female tattoo design matching your preferences and interests. Most often these tattoos are inked in colorful hues but there are cases when people choose neutral or monotone colored designs. You can get either a single image of an air balloon tattoo or several air balloons taken together. According to the body part you choose for your tattoo it may be large or small. Larger ones are worn on backs, on arms as sleeve tattoos, on ribs, on shoulders and so on. For smaller designs people choose wrists, legs, hands etc. both look very charming and bring out a delightful and joyful tattoo design. If you like watercolor tattoos you can get an air balloon tattoo just with this style. They differ from other tattoo designs with their calmness and softness. They are more exquisite compared with standard designs. Well, if you want something more eye-catching and original you’ll probably like 3D air balloon tattoo designs. Whatever you pick will make your body astounding and flashy. Combine you tattoo with map images, different pretty trims, birds, flowers, clouds or just make designs reminding of a blowing dandelion. The latter combination will be very sophisticated. If you like the idea of getting an air balloon tattoo, look at these cool examples which are chosen carefully special for you. We have collected the best options between which you can make your choice. Try to match the chosen tattoo design with your interests and add a touch of your own fantasy to make it original and differing.colorful air balloon tattoo

cool watercolor air balloon tattoo 2016

creative air balloon tattoo

creative air balloon tattoo 2016

cute air balloon tattoo

dandelion  air balloon tattoo

simple  air balloon tattoo

small air balloon tattoo idea

small air balloon tattoo

small air balloon tattoos

small cute air balloon tattoo

small simple air balloon tattoo

small watercolor air balloon tattoo

traditional hot air balloon tattoo

watercolor air balloon tattoo 2016

watercolor air balloon tattoo on back

watercolor air balloon tattoo

3D air balloon tattoo



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