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Among the most unique tattoos we found out bat tattoo designs that are very interesting. Actually animal tattoos have different purposes but the many aim is to represents the similar features between the animal and the wearer. When it comes to bat tattoos we see some mystery in them that’s why in many cases tribal style is used as a tattoo style for these tattoos. Their neutral coloring allows tattoo artists create bold black or brown shapes of bats that are worn on different body areas. Like other animal tattoos bat tattoos also have symbolic meanings. Many people go for these tattoos due to it’s qualities and features that make it stand out from many other creatures. Besides, this animal is met in many legends and old stories which make it more mystical. Along with bat tattoo designs you can find additional elements that are associated with it.Bat tattoo Design 3D

Bat tattoo Design 2016

Bat tattoo Design group of batsSeveral Facts about Bats: Bats are considered to be creatures of the night as they sleep during the daytime and hunt at night. That’s why they are connected with vampire stories and scary tales. There are stories about Dracula which flies in and out into the night in the shape of a bat. But the most interesting fact is that bats are the only mammals that have the ability to fly.

Many cultures refer to this animal in their legends. For example in Greek culture it is believed that the Goddess Diana was surrounded with bats. And as these goddess was the representative of motherhood and fertility bat also symbolized these qualities. Native Americans linked bats with death and rebirth. In Chinese culture people believed that it’s the symbol of happiness, luck and good fortune.Bat tattoo Design on ankle

Bat tattoo Design on chest

Bat tattoo Design on fingerThe Meaning and Significance of Bat Tattoos: batch tattoos have both positive and negative meanings. There are gothic themed bat tattoos that are very popular. The designs of these tattoos may represent evil features and they can be depicted either as a single deign or a group of flying bats. Many may go for more realistic designs using the 3D style or the natural colors. The main meanings bats have are; death, rebirth, good fortune, prosperity, fertility, motherhood, freedom, agility, darkness, evil, happiness, demonic and wealth. Among these contrasting meanings you can choose ones that you like most.

Bats can be depicted in different designs and poses. There are real looking designs as well as colorful cartoon designs. You can also see Batman or Dracula tattoos. Putting your own creativity you can create an incredible design. Women may choose softer designs for their bat tattoo while men may take scary and more masculine designs. They can be combined with hearts, moon, blood, skulls, vampires, ghosts, demons.Bat tattoo Design on forearm

Bat tattoo Design on hands

Bat tattoo Design on neckBefore going for this tattoo think carefully and make sure you really want it. Pay attention to the meanings and the possible designs for a bat tattoo. Also consider color combinations which vary from neutral black and brown to the bright cartoon hues. According to your taste you can choose a design that best represents your tattoo. It can be worn on any body part you want and on any size you like. Women usually go for smaller sizes and choose a group of flying bats, while man choose a single image of a bat in a large size. You can either get it in a movement or stationary. For more mysterious deigns use the tribal style which can be inked by black color. Here you can see some examples of bat tattoos and you can choose one of them for your next tattoo. Remember that tattoos are forever and whatever you get on your body will always interest people around you.  Bat tattoo Design on rib

Bat tattoo Design on shoulder 2016

Bat tattoo Design on shoulder

Bat tattoo Design scary

Bat tattoo Design tribal

Bat tattoo Design with rainbow

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