Creative Small Punctuation Mark Tattoos

Is there anyone that can tell where the limit of human imagination is? Perhaps, no one can answer this question because actually it doesn’t have and what we create is the result of our fantasy. Thus, when it comes to tattoo ideas the options are really endless. And today we’ll speak about creative small punctuation mark tattoos that seem to be crazy and very original.

Surprisingly these tattoos have deep meanings and the wearers find a kind of symbolization in these meanings. Though there are many punctuation marks and people get some of them on their bodies but the most common mark that is often used as a tattoo idea is the semicolon mark. Why this particular sign? It is known that The Semicolon Project which is a non-profit mental health organization encourages people to get semicolon mark on their bodies to overcome the stresses, depressions or win the thoughts that force them go for suicide. They recommend wearing it on the wrist so that it can be eye-catching and always in the center of attention. Following this advice some people got temporary semicolon mark tattoo on their wrists and some others inked it on their body. The Project Semicolon says that these mark stands for an ended sentence or thought but close not to end it up. They say that the author is you and the sentence is your life.  This is also the concept of these tattoos and it inspires many people. This project is considered to be a faith based one the aim of which is to represent hope and love among people that have mental illnesses, depression and stressing thoughts of suicide.semicolon mark tattoos

semicolon mark with heart tattoo

semicolon marl tattoo behind the ear

semiclon tattoo design

semicolon mark tattoo on wrist 2016

semicolon mark tattoo on neck 2016Semicolon mark tattoos are generally worn on wrists but many people get it on various body parts too, like hands and necks.  Both men and women go for these tattoos and they usually know the meanings and the purpose of semicolon mark tattoos.queation mark tattoo

quotation mark tattoos

quotation marks tattooAfter getting acquainted with the project many men and women got semicolon mark tats and started to post their pictures along with heart touching stories of their lives. This tendency was quite noticeable just after this movement and it encouraged many who struggled against their mind.

Besides, semicolon mark tattoos there are people that go for other punctuation mark tattoos too like colon, bullet, quotation marks, question mark, ampersand, ellipsis, exclamation mark, dash and so on. But the most popular one still remains semicolon mark tattoo due to the deep symbolic meaning recently attached to it.

Here we represent these creative small punctuation mark tattoos that probably can inspire you for your next tattoo.ampersand tattoo on ankle

cute question mark tattoo

ellipsis tattoo idea

ellipsis tattoos

punctuation mark tattoo design

punctuation mark tattoo on hand

punctuation mark tattoo on shoulder

punctuation mark tattoo

punctuation mark tattoos 2016

punctuation mark tattoos

punctuation marks tattoo

puntuation mark tattoos

quaotation mark tattoos



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