Dogwood Flower Tattoo Designs

There are many pretty flowers used as tattoo ideas especially for girls. So far we have discussed many flower tattoos and today we’ll speak about dogwood flower tattoo designs. it’s a very beautiful flower and captures our souls due to it’s tender coloring. They have deep symbolic meanings which also attract many women and inspire them. If you are thinking of a nice dogwood tattoo designs and want to know it’s symbolism keep on reading and find out the best for you.Dogwood Flower Tattoo behind the ear

Dogwood Flower Tattoo black

Dogwood Flower Tattoo butterflies

Dogwood Flower Tattoo colorful

Dogwood Flower Tattoo designThe dogwood tree was a significant tree in ancient cultures and it’s flowers have very subtle structure. In many cases this flower has some association with Christianity. It has also been mentioned in the Bible. It was chose for Christ’s Crucifixion. In many legends it is said that dogwood grows like the oak tree. The fantastic blossoms of this tree are met in different hues. You can see dogwood flowers in pink, red, purple and white. You can choose any of these colors for your tattoo designs according to your taste. They say there are about 40 types of dogwood flowers all over the world.

One interesting thing in this tree is it’s name. as dogwood’s bark was generally used to heal dog mange this name was given to the tree. Nowadays this tree is used for many purposes. It’s wood is utilized to make furniture, golf clubs, tool handles etc.

Dogwood Tattoo Meanings and Designs

Speaking about dogwood we should mention several meanings it carries. But at the end each puts the meaning to his/her tattoo he/she likes most. So, a dogwood tattoo may symbolize durability, faith, rebirth, spring, cross, enduring love, longevity, remembrance and justice. All in all these meanings are positive and quite attractive.Dogwood Flower Tattoo idea

Dogwood Flower Tattoo on arm

Dogwood Flower Tattoo on backAs it’s associated with Christianity some designs are combined with Christian symbols. They can be crosses, Bible quotes, praying hands, angels and rosary. These designs represent the faith and beliefs of the wearers. These tattoos can also be combined with other flowers such as roses, daisy or lotus flowers that also have symbolic meanings. Many designs are created along with birds too sitting on the branch. The greatest choice is the dove that looks very harmonious and beautiful with dogwood flower. Dove represents hope and love. Swallows, butterflies and hummingbirds also go with dogwood flower design.

Dogwood tattoos be depicted as a single flower, a small branch with flowers, or even as an entire dogwood tree. In this case the size of the design depends on the body are where you choose to get your tattoo. If you have decided to get a dogwood tattoo you can get a beautiful design by looking for many options and finding the one that most appeals to you. Happy tattooing!Dogwood Flower Tattoo pink color

Dogwood Flower Tattoo pink purple

Dogwood Flower Tattoo pink

Dogwood Flower Tattoo pretty

Dogwood Flower Tattoo red

Dogwood Flower Tattoo unique

Dogwood Flower Tattoo with bird 2016

Dogwood Flower Tattoo with bird

Dogwood Flower Tattoo with crown

Dogwood Flower Tattoo



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