Fashionable Colorful Tattoos

2016 is the year of colors and brightness, the brighter we wear the fashionable we look. So, the same is in tattoo art. Since colors make us more attractive and eye-catching, people who want to grab more attention sometimes choose colorful tattoos and wear them on visible body parts. If you are thinking of a colorful tattoo idea then this article can be useful for you. We are going to represent the most beautiful colorful tattoos. If you are fond of calmer hues you can choose designs that demand for example light blue, yellow or mint green. Pastel colors are also very fashionable in 2016 and these colors can be taken by women who want to emphasize their tenderness. Men mat prefer bolder hues again from bright colors. Instead of counting theses thousands of colors we are going to show interesting colorful tattoo ideas.colorful tattoo 2016Take into consideration that tattoo art also follows the modern rules that tattoo artists try to create designs that best go with the present 21st century. You are supposed to do so and choose the ideas that are creative, original and differing. It is much recommended to use your own imagination while thinking of a good tattoo design. The best version can be the one that is the closest to your heart and describes your own way of thinking. No matter it is a quote, image or a shape of some objects: it should be something meaningful and fascinating. Women sometime choose subtle designs of butterflies, flowers, different trims, hearts, stars, moon and other mysterious things that can be depicted in colorful shades. Men, who prefer colorful tattoos can take images of animals such as lion, dog, snake and so on.  In this case they can choose more neutral colors. There are also colorful geometrical tattoos and other modern shaped tattoo designs. 3D shaped tattoos are much requested in 2016 and we can also offer 3D styled tattoos.

So, now we’ll show colorful tattoos of different categories. Choose the one that most appeals to you and add several elements that can go with your tattoo designs. Don’t use too much coloring as it may spoil your design. Ask for a piece of advice from your tattoo artist before getting any tattoo. Keep in mind that colorful tattoos “love” to be done in visible body parts to show off their beauty. If you are fond of quote tattoos you can wear one in several hues to make it prettier.

Geometrical Colorful TattoosColorful Geometrical Tattoo animal 2016

Colorful Geometrical Tattoo blue flowers

Colorful Geometrical Tattoo on arm

Colorful Geometrical Tattoo on hand

Colorful Geometrical Tattoo on shoulder

Colorful Geometrical Tattoo rabbit

3D Colorful Tattoos3D colorful tattoo 2016

colorful 3D tattoo girl

colorful 3D tattoo

3D Colorful Tattoo on rib

colorful 3D tattoo rose

Colorful Animal and Floral Tattooscolorful floral tattoo

colorful flower tattoo 2016

colorful tattoo butterfly

colorful animal tattoo lion

colorful animal tattoo 2016Colorful Quote Tattoos

colorful quote tattoo

colorful quote tattoo 2016

Colorful Cartoon Tattooscolorful cartoon tattoo

colorful cartoon tattoo idea

colorful cartoon tattoo idea



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