Great Tattoo Ideas for 2015-2016

People looking for the most fashionable, the most recent and the most creative concepts also like the idea of getting a stylish, up-to-date tattoo on their bodies. Nowadays tattoo artists improve their designs day by day and try to create stunning designs that can look unique and stylish. However the most impressive deigns still remain 3D styles. Today we’ll speak about great tattoo Ideas for 2015-2016. So, the main options that can provide you with a new tattoo idea are; white tattoos, 3D tattoos, glossy golden tattoos, UV ink tattoos and geometric tattoos.

White Tattooswhite tattoo design for women

white tattoo idea on fingers 2015-2016

white tattoo on back 2015-2016

white tattoo on forearm

white tattoo on wrist 2015When it comes to white tattoos we always recommend doing a thorough research before going for these tattoos. They differ from standard tattoos due to their color and way of reflection. These tattoos are not that easy to get, that’s why you should find a professional tattoo artists to get the desired result.  Besides the ink of these tattoos tend to fade or transform into yellow hue after some period of time. But this is not for sure. There are also cases when it remains white and it mostly depends on the skin of the wearer. All in all white tattoos are great for those that wish to get a tattoo but not so eye-catching one.

3D Tattoos3D tattoo butterfly

3D tattoo cool design faith

3D tattoo on shoulder

3D tattoo on thigh

awesome 3D tattooIf you want to get the most effective tattoo design you are supposed to choose the 3D style. There are different options for creating a 3D tattoo and it mostly depends on the colors you choose. Using the closest colors of the real image you’ll get the desired realistic effect. You can get any image in 3D style on your body. They can be both in large and small sizes and these tattoos are recommended to wear on visible body parts as they are meant just for showing off.

Glossy Golden TattoosGlossy Golden Tattoo 2015-2016

Glossy Golden Tattoo for girls 2015-2016

Glossy Golden Tattoo for women 2015

Glossy Golden Tattoo for women 2015-2016

Glossy Golden Tattoo idea on hands

Glossy Golden Tattoos on hands 2015-2016We have devoted a special article for glossy golden tattoos where you can find incredible designs. These tattoos are often worn by women for special events like weddings or birthdays. They make beautiful women bodies more attractive and feminine. Though they generally have higher prices and last only for 7 days, but many women wish to get one at least once in their life. The smallest golden tattoo costs 50$. keep in mid that they are temporary tattoos.

UV Ink Tattooscolorful UV Ink Tattoo

UV Ink Tattoo backbones

UV ink tattoo idea 2015-2016

UV Ink Tattoo image of a tree

UV Ink Tattoo on hand skeleton

UV Inks 2015UV ink tattoos are fascinating tattoos that can be seen only under dark light. There are different colorful inks special for these tattoos and while specialists still try to discover whether they are harmful for the human organism or not many tattoo art lovers go for UV ink tattoos. In this case the most important thing is creativity and the more creative your tattoo the more unique it can look. Try to use your imagination to create a magnificent UV ink tattoo on your body.

Geometric Tattooscolorful Geometric Tattoo on forearm 2015-2016 colorful sleeve Geometric Tattoo 2015-2016 cool geometric tattoo 2015-2016 Geometric  heart Tattoo 2015-2016 Geometric Tattoo elephant 2015-2016 Geometric Tattoo for girls 2015-2016 Geometric Tattoo on thigh 2015-2016Those that are looking for the latest tattoo ideas we can offer geometric tattoos that can be depicted in abstract designs. They usually carry meanings that are known only for the wearer as the designs are not that understandable from the first view and the explanation of the wearer is requested and this is just the uniqueness they have. You can get either colored or simple black geometric tattoos or even 3D styled designs.



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