Hottest Fire and Flame Tattoo Designs

Among the most eye-catching tattoos fire and flame tattoos are very popular. These tattoos come up with different designs that all look awesome. If you are looking for the hottest fire and flame tattoo designs here you can find various designs combined with skulls, flowers, yin yang symbol, water and many other elements.

When man first discovered fire it was a huge revolution that changed the lives of people.  It could give warmth when it was cold and it could protect them from animals. It transformed people’s lifestyle radically bringing light to their lives. We find many legends, stories and myths about fire that are quite interesting. It was a significant symbol in many cultures and still remains one of the most important things in our lives. Perhaps we can’t imagine us living without fire.3D fire tattoo design for men

3D fire tattooFire and Flame Tattoo Meanings and Designs

What concerns fire and flame tattoos we can say that they look not only impressive but also have symbolic meanings coming from ancient times. Since fire is one of the four essential elements in life after water, earth and air. it represents many deep meanings that are connected with religion and life. Fire and flames are also liked to the sun which is fire ball itself. In ancient Greek legends Prometheus was known as a hero who stole the fire from gods and gave human beings. For this he was punished by gods but people always worshiped him for his brave deed. Another Greek myth tells that the powerful phoenix bird was raised from the ashes of fire and represented strength and the ability of overcoming difficulties. It also symbolizes rebirth and transformation which inspires many people especially those that have some and flame tattoo

fire and ice tattoo

fire and skull tattoo

fire and water tattoo design yin yang sign

fire and water tattoo design

fire and water tattoo on back birds

fire and water tattooFire and flame are also symbolic in Christianity and Hell. It’s the symbol of   Holy Spirit and the Bible tells that those ending up in hell burn in the fire eternally. According to the chosen tattoo design and the elements that complete the fire tattoo these tattoos can have different meanings. For example fire and heart tattoo symbolizes passion and deep love. Fire and phoenix tattoo represents rebirths, strength, power and reincarnation. Fire and skull tattoo stands for death and so on. These tattoos have both positive and negative meanings. They are; circle of life, transformation, rebirth, sin, life, light, knowledge, temptation, passion, change danger, warning, wisdom, creation, the sun and the Holy Spirit. Depending on the design you choose some of these meanings can represent your tattoo. Fire and flame tattoos are basically in red, orange, yellow and black hues. There are also cases when people choose blue fire and flame tattoo designs. the most common combinations are fire and water contrast in the shape of the yin yang symbol, fire and heart tattoo design, fire and star tattoo, fire and skull combo and many other creative ideas. Some tattoos are created in 3D style which makes it look like more real. These tattoos can be worn on various body parts. Men choose to get it on forearms, arms, legs, chest and backs and though few women choose fire and flame tattoos the designs created for them have softer features. They can be combined with flowers and other floral elements that make it look more beautiful. Women prefer to get these tattoos on their rib, neck, lower back, stomach and other body areas. If you have decided to wear a fire tattoo here you can see incredible designs that can inspire you. We hope you can find the best design for you and we recommend you to combine it with creative elements to make your tattoo differing and original.yin yang fire water tattoo

yin ynag fire and water tattoo

fire flower tattoo design

fire heart tattoo design

fire heart tattoo idea

fire heart tattoo

fire skull tattoo on back

fire tattoo cool deisgn

fire tattoo design for women

fire tattoo design

fire tattoo forest

fire tattoo idea 2016

fire tattoo idea

fire tattoo on forearm

fire tattoo on nape

fire water tattoo design

fire water tattoo idea

fire water tattoo

fire water tattoos on hands

fire water tattoos

fire water tiger tattoo

blue fire tattoo design

blue fire tattoo idea

blue fire tattoo

fire phoenix tattoo



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