Latest Finger Tattoo Ideas

There are many tattoo designs that are worn on any body place but what about finger tattoos? It even sounds crazy and interesting. Yes, this is the latest way of wearing tattoos. The most usual body areas for tattoos are backs, chests, arms, legs sometimes feet, stomach and so on. Finger tattoos are extremely fascinating tattoos that demand more interesting ideas. It is obvious that you cannot depict any image on your finger. It should be a specific one that requests less place and looks nice at the same time. There are several ways of wearing finger tattoos. Some people choose to get a tattoo only on one finger and others prefer to have tattoos on all fingers. Before wearing any tattoo on your finger think carefully as it is quite visible and an unusual tattoo option.animal finger tattoos

black finger tattoo

Cara Delevingne finger tattoo

finger tattoo for girlsThough these tattoos look cool but they are not easily hidden tattoos. If you are brave enough and don’t care about many opinions concerning your tattoo, then go ahead. But when choosing a finger tattoo it is recommended to take into consideration some factors such as colors, images, designs, meanings and shapes. These tattoos are always in the center of attention and they can be much discussed. Another important thing is that finger tattoos tend to fade quickly especially when done with vibrant inks that’s why you need to go for touch ups to keep your tattoo’s look.  You may take more neutral colors like black or brown to have a long-lasting tattoo. The next essential thing to keep in mind is the design. The simpler your design the nicer it will look. Since fingers provide little space for tattooing you’d better choose simpler images instead of complicate and much detailed ones. The main elements that are used as for finger tattoos are: single words, creative small images like moustache, stars, hears and so on. You can take essential dates or numbers for you, letters, names etc. another alternative is a ring tattoo that can be worn by spouses. The options are millions and vary from person to person. But one thing you should defiantly remember is that tattoos show your way of thinking and your personality. So, choose the one that is closer to your heart and will speak about your individuality.finger tattoo idea

finger tattoos 2016

finger tattoos small heart

Heart Tattoo Designs and Meanings

Rihanna finger tattoo love

ring finger tattoo 2016

ring finger tattoo for couples

stars finger tattooHere we represent you the latest cool and crazy finger tattoos that can be worn both by men and women. Pay attention to the used elements and details each finger tattoo has. It will help you to find the best idea for a finger tattoo later on.finger tattoo

finger tattoo for men

ring tattoo



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