Meaningful Yoga Tattoo Designs

Yoga tattoos compile a separate tattoo art branch and hold really awesome meanings for people engaging with yoga. The symbolisms they carry have different sources coming from different eastern cultures. If you visit any yoga studio you will see a spate room special for body art there. People usually choose tattoos of Sanskrit phrases and letters, Hindu deities inspired by the rich eastern culture. From the yogic view a tattoo and a body take together are considered to have paradoxical meaning taking into account the fact that body is temporary and wearing a tattoo on it can disappear only after the body is dead. On the other hand  many modern yoga meditators consider body as an instrument by the means of which they have the ability of expressing their mental and spiritual states.

Because of this many yoga practitioners go for tattoos also choosing it as a way of showing off their emotional state and intellectual nature. In many cases these tattoos look very attractive and eye-catching. Looking at them you feel the beauty they hold and the deep symbolization reflected on the designs. Tattoo artists usually offer Sanskrit tattoos as they give interesting meanings and these meanings can be known only for the wearer. So, if you want a “secret” tattoo design then Sanskrit tattoos are for tattoo idea on backToday the tendency of wearing “yoga tattoos” is enhancing covering the scopes of not only people engaging with yoga but among those who just appreciate body art.

Here you can see the modern creative solutions of yoga tattoo designs which are done professionally using the details of different cultures connected with yoga.

The designs of these tattoos cover images of Lotus flowers, OM, OM and Buddha, Cherry blossoms, Hamsa, Chakras, Namaste etc.

Chakras Tattoo on BackChakras Tattoo on BackThis tattoo shows off the major energy transferred through yoga. There are different psychological factors connected with each chakra. Through each pose having during practices these chakras can help you heal bot your body and mind.

Hamsa TattooHamsa TattooHere you see a hand-shaped symbol which supports and protects you from evil eye. It is found both in Islam to Catholicism and is quite popular design in tattoo art. It is not only a religious image but also represents the spiritual nature of yoga.

OM and Buddha TattooOM and Buddha TattooWearing OM and Buddha tattoo one may want to represent his/her close relationship with the Buddhism. You can wear the face of the Buddha on your tattoo design along with the design of the OM.

OM Symbol TattooOM Symbol TattooThis tattoo is becoming popular day by day. It’s a very important powerful symbol in yoga and looks nice as a tattoo design. If you like it you may study the meaning of this symbol and wear it on nay body part.

Lotus Flower TattooLotus Flower TattooThough getting lotus flower tattoos is widely spread all over the world but in yoga it has several meanings like purity, rebirth, power and enlightenment. It’s beautiful shape and colors allow you get a pretty tattoo design and many girls go for this tattoo. It can be worn on nay body part but in most cases ladies wear it on their necks and wrists.

Yoga Tattoo Designssanskrit tattoos

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yoga tattoo designs

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