Mexican Tattoo Designs

Mexican tattoos are generally mysterious and bold. The main souses of inspirations for these tattoos are the afterlife, Aztec history and their religion. In traditional Mexican tattoos you can meet skulls, death, and smoke and vampire images. They are basically tattooed in grey and black inks. These tattoos are sometimes combined with snake, ash and smoke. The common headdresses that can be combined with Mexican or Aztec tattoos are unusually designed with various feathers. You can also see spider’s web, swallows, and scales of justice combined with these tattoos that are opted by gang members and prisoners. They symbolize their status and crime among other prisoners. But as a tattoo design they have many other meanings too. That’s why before getting one the prisoner should be well-known with the symbolization of these tattoos to choose the right one for him/her. For example a man with a skull that sits on a rocking chair can represent a murderer which is sometimes combined with an image of a double headed snake.

One of the most popular Mexican tattoos are sugar skull tattoos that are worn both by men and women. Many women wear Day of the Dead make up which is quite popular. Another common design is sugar skull bikers. These tattoos are usually worn by ‘brothers’ who have lost a biker. You may see a biker on his personal bike along with a sugar skull as a mexican tattoo idea

mexican face tattoo

mexican flag tattoo

mexican skull tattoo floral

mexican skull tattoo for womenSugar Skull Tattoos

These tattoos are associated with one of the largest economic resources of South America. Native Americans that lived as slaves first created sugar tattoo designs. They were created as a religious surrogate for real skulls especially in voodoo and black magic. And later on they became a part of the Mexican culture. For hundreds of years sugar tattoos were used in Mexico during the celebration of Dia de los Muertos which symbolized the cycle of life and death.

As Mexican tattoos are basically religious tattoos there are also designs that are quite dominant in catholic countries where many people go for Virgin Mary, crossed hands and rosary beads tattoos. Whereas the most important things in Mexican tattoo art are codes.  It is quite important from where you come and who you are and your tattoo can best represent these two factors. Your area code is worn as a territorial patch and a mark of your pride. In many Mexican tattoos you can see the phrases ‘Tres Puntos’ that means ‘My Crazy Life,’ and it is seen in Spanish tattoos too translated as ‘Mi Vida Loca.’ They are tattooed particularly in prisons and among gang groups that also use the phrase ‘Smile now, cry later’. Special dots that are used in Mexican tattoos representing prison codes. The numbers of these dots can represent different things and different codes for prisoners and gang members.

Gecko is another interesting appearance in Mexican tattoo designs. The additional colors that are used to create these tattoos are red, orange that can be depicted as sun images symbolizing the sun God, Huitzilopochtili. It also symbolizes the heaven and the afterlife in Mexican culture. Mexicans also love the idea of depicting their national flag on their bodies as a sign of pride and a struggle for keeping their land and the Mexican Independence.mexican skull tattoo inside ear

mexican skull tattoo on chest

mexican skull tattoo with flowers

mexican skull tattoo

mexican skull tattoos on arm

mexican skull tattoos on head

mexican sleeve tattoo

mexican sugar skull tattoo

mexican tattoo deaign 2016

mexican tattoo deaign

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mexican tattoo for women

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mexican tattoo idea eagle

Mexican tattoo idea

Mexican tattoo on arm

mexican tattoo on foot

Mexican tattoo red

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sugar skull tattoo 2016

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sugar skull tattoo

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