Modern Tattoo Ideas 2016

Everything tends to look fashionable when we use the modern approach. In the world of fashion we see new and new developments and various modern solutions. Designers do their best to create as creative and temporary designs as possible. The same is in tattoo art. Many professional tattoo artists try to make designs that can go with age and can look beautiful at the same time. The innovative methods they use just amuse us and make us think that everything is possible if we want. So, today we want to discuss some fascinating modern tattoo ideas that are much requested in 2016.creative colorful tattoo on legs

Many young people go for the latest tattoo designs to look cooler and more attractive. They look for qualified tattoo artists that have creative ideas and can offer contemporary designs. Before going for a tattoo it is recommended to think carefully and to choose the best design that will look pretty as well as meaningful. However there are cases when the tattoo looks interesting but it’s hard to give a special meaning to that tattoo as it is a kind of masterpiece that makes you think of various things in life.

The most interesting fact in modern tattoo designs is that they can sometimes be the reflections of old tattoos in new approaches. For example, tribal tattoos that are considered to be ancient tattoo designs can be designed the way that they look modern without losing their style. Another interesting example can be the Japanese and Chinese tattoos that are quite complicated  old tattoo ideas but are represented in new shapes, color and elements again keeping the main features of Japanese tattoo style. There are also cases when tattoo artists combine old and new styles to create awesome designs and they really look great. You can also use your own fantasy to make a creative and unique design that suits the 21st century.hummingbird modern tattoo idea 2016

Below you can see several great examples of modern tattoos and will surely think of your own tattoo design.

Geometrical Tattoogeometrical tattoo on back

These abstract pieces of art look quite interesting especially when done in several hues. Here the dominant color is black and other neutral colors complete the whole image. Geometrical tattoos are won on any body part and the shapes have different sizes. There are also geometrical tattoos that depict an image of an animal such as a tiger, lion, bird etc.

Neo Tribal Modern Tattooneo tribal modern tattoo

This is an amazing combination of modern and tribal tattoo art. It is made professionally and looks very attractive. Though tribal tattoos are done with black ink only, here we see a fantastic combo of red-orange and black inks. The shapes are also a combination of tribal and geometrical patterns.

Man and Bird’s Skull Tattoomen and bird skeleton modern tattoo 2016

A modern man combined with a bird’s skull reminds us of the stories that tell about half- man and half –animal. This design is done very carefully as you can also see a human skeleton on the background. It brings the 3D effect and looks wonderful. Again we see neutral colors and geometrical patterns.

Modern Geisha TattooGeisha modern tattoo 2016

Japanese modern tattoo 2016So far we have seen standard images of Geisha tattoos and this one is a bit different. It looks more realistic and keeps the effect of the Japanese style. The nest picture is also a Geisha tattoo even in a more contemporary appearance. If we compare these two Geisha tattoos we can say that the firs on tend to keep more Japanese style than the second, since the combo of mountains and cherry blossoms bring the touch of the Asian culture.

St. Maria Modern Tattoomodern tattoo idea st maria 2016

The way this tattoo s depicted makes us feel the innovative method that is used to create it. The effect is very impressive and makes sense. Perhaps this is the most unique tattoo design among all St Maria tattoos. To make a visual illusion is not that easy in tattoo art.

Watch Modern Tattoocolorful watch tattoo on hand 2016

To wear a permanent watch on your wrist is matter of taste. If you are really a fond of watches perhaps you’ll like this idea. The watercolor effect is very pretty and the creative way the watch is made looks funny. It seems as if the numbers are flying away from the watch and the time stops being so worrying.

Here are some other examples of modern tattoos that can be worn in modern tattoo on arm roman soldier 2016

modern couple tattoo

modern tattoo idea

skull tattoo with maths

modern tattoo 2016

creative tattoo on neck

google tattoo

human head robot tattoo

modern tattoo on chest



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