Name Tattoo Designs

Name tattoos are main stream tattoos that are worn by many people. These are personal tattoos and are usually unique. They are extremely essential and meaningful for the wearer. Name tattoos can represent family, heritage and even beliefs. Most people choose to ink their name on their body; some choose the name of their beloved one, children or someone special. It’s one of the best ways to show your love towards tattoo infinity

name tattoo inner arm

name tattoo kidsThere are parents that wear the names of their child or children and there are children that choose to ink their parents name son their bodies. As these tattoos are worn by both genders each can get any name he/she wants. Women usually wear their first name tattoos. They prefer to get it on their neck, back, stomach, arm, lower back etc. they also love the idea of coloring their tattoo to make it more eye-catching. They sometimes combine it with colorful diamonds, flowers, stars, butterflies and so on. Men generally choose to het their last name as a tattoo design. Upper back and shoulders are the main body parts where men get their name tattoo. Many colors are not used for these cases and skulls, eagles or crosses can complete the entire design.

Name tattoos can have various designs, fonts, shapes and sizes depending on the interests of the wearer. As you see on these photos each name tattoo differs due to it’s shape, size and of course text. If you want to add some symbolism to your name tattoo you can combine it with several symbols that are connected with your family or with your family name. It can be an important date or an important symbol that belongs only to you or only to your family. Many creative ideas are used while creating a name tattoo. You can, for example use several colors that are not used in other tattoos such as the colors you love tattoo on arm

name tattoo on back

name tattoo on collar boneAnother popular option is getting the name of a person that is not with us anymore. It can be the name of a grandparent or a parent or anyone that left you soon. This is a great way of keeping his/her memory alive while you are alive. It can sometimes remind you of the nice moments you spent together.

Today many couples and spouses choose to get each other’s names on their bodies to show their passion and love towards each other. Though this is  risky and later on many may go for laser removal but there are many that walk around with the name of the lost lobe on their bodies. So, before choosing any name tattoo, think tattoo on wrist

name tattoo on wrists

name tattoo sara

name tattoos 2016

name tattoos children

name tattoos

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