Pagan and Wiccan Tattoo Designs

Today there are millions of religions all over the word. One may believe in several gods and goddesses and one may choose one god to worship. Depending on the religions we choose we start to live by the rules and the inspirations of these religions. Various designs are created for each religion and one chooses a design that is closely associated with his/her religion. Today we are going to speak about Pagan and Wiccan tattoo designs that have symbols coming from ancient times.

Pagan Tattoospagan and wiccan tattoo black inked

pagan and wiccan tattoo blue green

pagan and wiccan tattoo colorful

pagan and wiccan tattoo designIf you are a pagan and a lover of animals you can pick the image of the animal you love as tattoo design. If you belong to a particular Native American religion you can choose the popular designs of dream catcher, feather, buffalo or tomahawk. Pantheists can take the symbol of world that can be depicted in vivid blue and green inks. Celtic Paganisms usually choose the Celtic knot designs. But try to choose design that meets your religious outlooks.

Here we show several examples of Pagan tattoo designs. You can have a look at them and pick the one that is closer to your soul.

Wiccan Tattoospagan and wiccan tattoo for women

pagan and wiccan tattoo godess

pagan and wiccan tattoo idea

pagan and wiccan tattoo on armThe followers of Wiccan tattoos are usually protectors and lovers of plants, flowers, birds, animals and everything connected with nature. The common designs for these Wiccan tattoos are cats, owls, flowers, butterflies, dragonflies, horse, wolves etc. if you choose an animal tattoo it’s better to choose one that you love or you find some similar features between you and that animal. If you choose floral designs you can combine them with elements that you like and you appreciate. In this case the options are millions and the variants give you a great opportunity of creating your own design. The colors for these tattoos depend on the chosen design and on the preferences of the wearer. You can get an original and creative Wiccan tattoo design. Five-pointed star is also used as a symbol of Wicca and many people choose just this very design.pagan and wiccan tattoo on back 2016

pagan and wiccan tattoo on back

pagan and wiccan tattoo on chest

pagan and wiccan tattoo on forearmRemember

You should choose a design that is unique and represents your beliefs and way of thinking. Don’t use a design that is already worn by someone else. Study all the versions and create a differing design based on the symbols that these religions can offer. Since they are limitless you can look as original as you want. Don’t get a tattoo design that is unknown for you and the meaning of which is not known for you. You should best know the meaning of your tattoo and have the ability to describe and explain it.  pagan and wiccan tattoo on hands

pagan and wiccan tattoo on lower back

pagan and wiccan tattoo on neck

pagan and wiccan tattoo on shoulder

pagan and wiccan tattoo star

pagan and wiccan tattoo symbol

pagan and wiccan tattoo

Pagan Tattoo design

Wiccan Tattoo design



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