Pretty Collar Bone Tattoo Ideas

As we know tattoo art is among the art braches that goes back to ancient times. Over the thousand years tattoo artists have developed the designs and the ideas for tattoos. Today we can see millions of designs and ideas that create amazing tattoos. We are not surprised by the creative and strange solutions that are made in this sphere. People wear tattoos on any part of their bodies. They are done in different shapes and sizes each having it’s unique way of expression. Today we’ll speak about Pretty Collar Bone Tattoo Ideas that will defiantly interest you at least by the chosen body area. These tattoos are common among both genders and the used styles are limitless. You may think that having a tattoo on collarbone can be painful enough but the majority of people who have got tattoo on their collarbones say that it is safe and the pain is quite tolerable.  collar bone tattoo script

Script Tattoo 2016

Script Tattoo for womenThese tattoos look very delicate and make that body area even more beautiful. The designs for collar bone tattoos usually include sayings, small shapes of hearts, stars, butterflies, birds, symbols and other fascinating images. It is supposed to have collarbone tattoos in smaller sizes because of the provided little space.You can see collarbone tattoo in several styles and the most impressive one is 3D style as it looks more realistic and the watcher thinks that there is something pasted to your body. However simple designs also look very cute and tender. There are many cases when people use different colors for their tattoo design. But if you are fond of simplicity you can have your tattoo inked in black.Script Tattoo for men

Script Tattoo

collar bone tattoo 2016Many women wish to wear tiny symbols on their collarbones to make that area prettier. They can be hearts, stars, music notes, birds, butterflies. Collarbone is also considered to be very feminine and attractive body area where women can get their tattoo. Men choose this place as it gives them the chance to show off their thoughts since it can be more noticeable than done on any other part.

Quote Tattoos: They are also widely used and as the chosen place is visible and noticeable enough you can write any saying you want people to see. It can be eye-catching and will interest many people around you.Quote Tattoo

quote tattoo designSingle Word Tattoos: if you don’t want a whole quote or an image you may prefer to have single word tattoo on your collarbone. These words vary from person to person since each individual chooses a word closer to his/her heart and overview.Single Word TattooThe Sacred Heart Tattoo: it is the symbol of Jesus Christ that gave his life for the salvation of souls. Many choose this symbol for a collarbone tattoo to stress the love and respect towards Crist. Being closer to your chest it will represent the link between you and Jesus.The Sacred Heart TattooDue to the amount of area surrounding the collarbone they can be turned into entire chest pieces that will be flashier and will grab more attention. The larger collarbone tattoos are extremely painful and take many efforts to complete. It also known that these tattoos are expensive enough of course depending on the tattoo shop. Here you can see collarbone tattoo ideas that differ from each other by their styles, shapes, sizes and designs. Using your fantasy you can create your own design to be original. Always take into account that this area is obviously noticeable and you may awake interest towards your tattoo design. Choose an image or quote that best represents your individuality and desires. You can always take temporary tattoos if you don’t want to see it forever on your collarbone.colar bone tattoo 2016

collar bone tattoo birds

collar bone tattoo butterflies

collar bone tattoo cool

collar bone tattoo design

collar bone tattoo diamond

collar bone tattoo flowers

collar bone tattoo heart

collar bone tattoo single word

collar bone tattoo small

collar bone tattoo sun



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