Pretty Watercolor Tattoo Designs for 2016

The most artistic tattoos that are very fashionable for 2016 are watercolor tattoos. The cool and pretty way there are created inspires many men and women. Their vivid colors look so beautiful especially when combined harmoniously. The designs for these tattoos are plenty enough giving you the opportunity of choosing the latest and the most original solutions. They are totally different in their designs and can turn your nice body into a walking piece of art. If you want to get a nice watercolor tattoo that is both unique and amazing we offer you the latest pretty watercolor tattoo designs for 2016.

The options for water color tattoo designs include many different themes. The common ideas for girls are flowers, butterflies and other elements from nature. Designs for men include geometrical patterns, animals and the alike. If you look at these pictures you’ll feel how close this tattoo art is to the nature. Almost each watercolor tattoo may include a natural element. The calm colors make the images more delicate and awesome.

Feather Watercolor Tattoosfeather watercolor tattoo 2016

feather watercolor tattoo design

feather watercolor tattoo idea 2016

feather watercolor tattoo

feather watercolor tattoo 2016

Feather is a great choice for a watercolor tattoo as it can be colored in various subtle hues. The beautiful shape of feathers allow you create nice designs and to decorate your body with them. Vibrant splashes of colors can turn a feather into an awesome work of art. This tattoo can look pretty if worn on hands or shoulders. 3D style can also be used when creating a feather tattoo and people may think that a real feather is pasted onto your body.

Butterfly and Flower Watercolor Tattoosbutterfly watercolor tattoo

buttrefly watercolor tattoo 2016

flower rose watercolor tattoo

flower watercolor tattoo on arm 2016

flower watercolor tattoo on neck

flowers an dbutterfly watercolor tattoo 2016You can either take a butterfly or flowers as a watercolor tattoo designs. However many people combine these two pretty things together. They are considered to be perfect choices for watercolor tattoos since the rich color palette that they provide makes us feel the touch of joyful rainbow.

Animal Watercolor Tattoosanimal fish watercolro tattoo

animal watercolor tattoo fish

animal watercolor tattoo on arm

animal watercolor tattoo on back 2016

animal watercolor tattoo on hand

animal watercolor tattoo on shoulder chestAnimal watercolor tattoos are usually worn by men and some cute designs are chosen by women. There are different designs for animal tattoos and can be depicted in neutral colors too (black, brown etc.). They look very impressive and meaningful. Geometrical patterns are also used while creating an animal tattoo.

3D Watercolor Tattoos3D fantastic watercolor tattoo on arm

3D rose watercolor tattoo

3D feather watercolor tattooPerhaps the most effective tattoos are 3D tattoos. When it comes to watercolor tattoos the best choice can be the 3D style because the images look realistic without even this style but look how fantastic they are in 3D shape. The colors allow the designs look more realistic and touchable.

Creative Watercolor Tattoos

Here you can see other creative examples of watercolor tattoos that can be worn in 2016. Try to choose designs that are basically in pastel colors as pastel hues are very fashionable in 2016. Choose a design that is closer to your preferences and interests. Surprise your friends and family members with your nice watercolor tattoo idea. Keep in mind that these kinds of tattoos are very eye-catching and if you may sometimes need to hide it, wear it on a less visible body part.creative bird watercolor tattoo

creative cute watercolor tattoo

creative fish watercolor tattoo on feet

creative flower watercolor tattoo

creative new watercolor tattoo

creative rain watercolor tattoo 2016

creative red watercolor tattoo

creative wataercolor tatttoo 2016

creative watercolor tattoo on rib 2016

creative watercolor tattoo ctaetive watercolor tattoo idea 2016

cteative face watercolor tattoo

watercolor tattoo bird

watercolor tattoo on chest brain



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