Prison Tattoos and Their Meanings

Each tattoo wearer should know the meaning of his/her tattoo because there are tattoos that are worn for special purposes and have deep symbolization. Today we’ll speak about prison tattoos that are not provided for everyone and only getting familiar with the meanings of these tattoos one can choose a design for him/her. Though it’s surprising but there are also women that go for prison tattoos. It is known that only true members of these groups are “allowed” to wear prison tattoos. And if you are not qualified it could be quite dangerous for you. So, be careful before getting a prison tattoo.

There are many designs, styles, shapes, image sand sizes for prison tattoos. Bellow we’ll discuss some of them along with their meanings.

Mexican Mafia Tattoos and Their Meanings

These tattoos are known for their blue and grey color combinations. These colors are the hues of the L.A as well. This gang originated in Los Angeles and is also called Sureños.Native American GangsMexican Mafia Symbols

Number 13: The favorite number of the Sureños is number 13. To get this kind of tattoo they usually use Roman, Aztec or Arabic number symbols. The 13th letter of the alphabet is the letter ‘M’ which represents Mexican Mafia. Another version of getting this tattoo is ‘EME’ which is pronounced as emmy and depicted as EME or eMe.number 13 prison tattoo 2016Three Dots Tattoo

This tattoo can be found of the faces of gang members. More often this tattoo is worn by people who actually have gone to prison in their lives.

The Norteños

The Northern group of the Mexican Mafia is known as Norteños. They are the main enemies of the Sureños (Southerners). Number 14 is the most important symbol of the Norteños. And the same is here concerning the 14th letter of the alphabet letter N. they also use Arabic, Aztec and Roman number symbols.prison tattoos smallTeardrop Tattoo Meanings

The most common tattoos in prisons are face tattoos and teardrop tattoos are one among many tattoo designs. The meanings of these tattoos generally depend on the personal attitude of the wearer or the meaning he/she puts in it. Actually these meanings vary from person to person. Many think that it’s  a sign of a killer. As many teardrops as many victims he/she has during his life. There are cases when women get a teardrop tattoo on their face when their men are killed or gone to prison. The location of this tattoo can also bring different meanings. For example if you get it on your right side of the face it can mean something different from the one worn on the left side. In this case only the wearer knows the symbolization of his/her tattoo. There are three designs for teardrop tattoos: filled, half-filled and not filled.Prison And Gang TattooThe Aryan Brotherhood Tattoos

The wearers of these tattoos have strong belief towards strongly believe in the superior white race and are powerful Neo-Nazi supporters. The main hero for them is Hitler that doesn’t acknowledge the rights of other races. These members are dangerous enough and if you have an AB tattoo it may make you a prey for Black and Mexican gangs. This tattoo is not allowed for nonmembers and to become a member you must kill an AB target or in other words the “blood in/blood out” method.

It is not recommended to use the numbers 666 in tattoos or the Gothic letters “AB”. Other bad ideas for prison tattoos are swastika or Nazi symbols.female gangs tattoo

Japanese Gangster TattooBlack Guerrilla Family Tattoos

The Black Guerrilla Family is considered to be close-knit and is quite dangerous. Avoid tattoos that contain number 276 in them. And also escape tattoos which have area codes that represent the country from where you come.

Other Prison Tattoos: Miscellaneous Gangs and their Tattoos that include the Texas Syndicate, the Latin Kings tattoos, the 18th St. Gang tattoos, Asian Gangs, Female Gangs, Native American Gangs and Outlaw Biker Gangs.number 13 prison tattoo

number tattoos prison

prison tattoo bike on back

Texas Syndicate tattoos

A member of the 18th Street Gang (M-18) proudly shows off his gang tattoos in San Salvador, El Salvador, 13 May 2011. During the last two decades, Central America has become the deadliest region in the world that is not at war. According to the UN statistics, more people per capita were killed in El Salvador than in Iraq, in recent years. Due to the criminal activities of Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) and 18th Street Gang (M-18), the two major street gangs in El Salvador, the country has fallen into the spiral of fear, violence and death. Thousands of Mara gang members, both on the streets or in the overcrowded prisons, organize and run extortions, distribution of drugs and kidnappings. Tattooed armed young men, mainly from the poorest neighborhoods, fight unmerciful turf battles with their coevals from the rival gang, balancing between life and death every day. Twenty years after the devastating civil war, a social war has paralyzed the nation of El Salvador.

Aryan Brotherhood Tattoo

Black Guerrilla Family Tattoos



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