Snack Food Inspired Tattoos

People loving snack food perhaps may understand those that go for such kind of tattoos. Though it sounds crazy but the researches show that in reality there are people that wear snack food tattoos. Many other things inspire people for tattoos but this one is weird enough. There are cases when people get fruit or vegetable tattoos but snack food tattoos? What a passion it is that forces people get a food image on their bodies? Obviously these are not main stream tattoos and few people can think of getting one on their body but the examples shown here make a quite enough amount to think that there is a tendency especially among young people to get a snack food tattoo. In this case they choose their favorite snack and ink the image of it on any body part they want. Obviously these tattoos are unique in their nature and don’t hold special symbolic meanings. It’s just a reflection of love towards food.

Before getting nay tattoo keep in mind that it’s forever and if you have decided to wear a food tattoo take into consideration that it’s something eye-catching and people around you will ask about your tattoo design.

It goes without saying that these tattoos are inked in different colors and it’s the main factor that makes them look realistic. You can look at these pictures and see examples of snack food tattoos.

Pop Tarts TattooPOP TARTS tattooOreo Tattoooreo tattoo 2016

oreo tattoo design

oreo tattooCracker Jack TattooCRACKER JACK tattooCheetos Flamin’ Hot TattooCHEETOS FLAMIN’ HOT tattooDoritos Tattoodoritos tattooPringles TattooPRINGLES tattoo design

PRINGLES tattoo on forearm


PRINGLES tattoosCheez-It TattooCHEEZ-IT tattoo design

CHEEZ-IT tattoo tattooNutty Bars TattooNUTTY BARS tattooSnack Pack Tattoo: 3DSNACK PACK tattooSkittles TattooSKITTLES tattoo 3D


SKITTLES tattoosBen and Jerry’s tattooBEN AND JERRYS tattooMoonpie TattooMOONPIE tattooSlurpee TattooSlurpee Cup tattoo

SLURPEE tattoosSo, these are the examples of the snack tattoos that people have worn so far. If you have got other ideas of snack food tattoos perhaps you can offer them your friends that love snacks.  However getting such tattoos is a bit crazy but if you want to make your appearance unique then go ahead. 2016 is the year of creativity and you can amuse your friends with your original idea of wearing a snack tattoo. It’s easy to get sine the shapes of these foods already provide a cool and modern design.



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