Sweet Fruit Tattoo Designs

Bring a summer touch into your body. Sounds interesting? This article that tells about sweet fruit tattoo designs can keep you in a funny mood and perhaps will inspire you for your next tattoo. Though fruit tattoos are not main stream tattoos and few people go for it but they look fascinating and attractive. The different color combinations met in these tattoos make them unique and differing from other themed tattoos. It’s interesting that both men and women go for these tattoos. They are worn on different body parts which depend on the preferences of the wearer. You can see crazy designs for fruit tattoos that look quite realistic and artistic. If done in 3D style the effect will be more influential.fruit tattoo designsThere are many creative ideas for these tattoos that can be combined with elements that describe your individuality and make it even more original. You can get either a single image of a fruit or a combination of different fruits. In many cases people combine their fruit tattoo with flowers, leaves and sometimes with vegetables. The colors mostly depend on the chosen fruit color.fruit tattoo on armThere are cases when people go for fruit sleeve tattoos and the results are very eye-catching. But since these tattoos don’t have special meanings and they are worn just because they look beautiful or attractive, many may choose the temporary method. It’s crazy to go for a permanent fruit tattoos in case it’s in larger sizes. If small you can get it on a nice body part that will look pretty.  Some fruit tattoos are combined with cupcakes bringing a modern look.

Fruit Sleeve Tattoofruit tattoos sleeveSleeve tattoos are very common and the Japanese, floral and artistic tattoos are mainly worn on arms. Fruit tattoos are rarely met tattoos especially when it comes to sleeve tattoos. But we have found several interesting fruit sleeve tattoos. Here they are.

Ankle Fruit Tattoosankle apple tattoo 2016

ankle apple tattoo

ankle tattoo grape

ankletattoo cupcake It’s a good idea to get a fruit tattoo on ankle since it can look cute because of the small size. Usually they consist of a single image and you can choose the fruit you like most.

Pineapple TattoosPineapple tattoo on arm

Pineapple tattoo with flower

Pineapple tattoo

pineapple tattoo designApple Tattoos apple tattoo red

apple tattoo 2016

apple tattoo 2016Strawberry TattoosStrawberry Tattoo On-Leg

strawberry tattoo small

strawberry tattooCherry Tattooscherry tattoo design

cherry tattoo

cherry tattoosPomegranate Tattoospomegranate tattoo design

pomegranate tattooBellow you can see other examples of fruit tattoos. If you want to get one think twice, since tattoos are forever and you should make your decision as wise as possible. We wish you a happy tattooing!Fruits Tattoo idea

fruit finger tattoos

fruits tattoo

orange tattoo



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