Temporary Tattoo Ideas

Perhaps you want to take in part in such festivals, carnivals and parties that demand some kinds of tattoos to be done on your body. You don’t want to get a permanent tattoo but still need to amuse your friends by your pretty and fascinating tattoo designs. Here we will show fantastic examples of temporary tattoos that can be done for festivals. There are many brides that wear temporary tattoos for their wedding day to become more beautiful. This is a tradition that comes from eastern culture where Mehndi henna tattoos are very popular. These tattoos are very tender and last only 12 days. Other awesome temporary tattoos are considered to be flashy golden tattoos that are also quite expensive. They are made of real gold and last only 7 days. The smallest golden tattoos costs 50 dollars.

There are also cartoon temporary tattoos that are mostly used by children after getting their parent’s permition. They are usually worn during birthday parties or during special ceremonies organized for children.

So, the main types of temporary tattoos are: Henna tattoos, Airbrush tattoos and Transfer tattoos.

Henna tattoos: Henna tattoos are traditional tattoos that make one of the most essential parts of wedding ceremonies in several cultures. They come from old times and still remain as meaningful body art. They are widely spread especially in East. The designs and the artistic solutions that can be seen on henna tattoos are very beautiful and attractive. They look subtle bringing a touch of femininity. Many women wear thee tattoos just as a beautiful body art and enjoy the delicate nature it has. Henna works by giving the skin a reddish brown hue and this color generally fades after 2 weeks since the superficial cells of the skin become replaced by the body. This tattoo art is also called Mehndi Art. henna tattoo

henna tattoo on handAirbrush Tattoos: what is an airbrush tattoo? It’s a popular transient tattoo art creating which the tattoo artists needs stencils, an airbrush and some temporary inks. These tattoos can be quickly washed off and according the chosen body area it can last only several days.airbrush tattoo

airbrush tattooTransfer Tattoos: This is the most modern type of temporary tattoos including relocation of a design from paper to your skin. They are considered to be as ‘amateur’ by tattoo artists but they are ideal for people who want to try different designs before choosing their permanent tattoo. transfer tattootransfer tattoos 2016
transfer tattoosAll temporary tattoos can be done in various designs. Young people in USA wear temporary tattoos for Halloween. They choose scary or cartoon tattoo designs that look both funny and fearing.  Little children choose images of cartoon heroes as tattoo designs for their birthdays. Women choose henna tattoos and golden tattoos for their big day and men choose temporary tattoos that are original and colored in neutral colors. If you want to get a temporary tattoo you need first of all do some research and study several designs, then take the method and finally pick the place where you want to get your tattoo. If it’s going to be a colorful tattoo it is recommended to choose suitable colors to get a nice effect. You can have these tattoos in any size you wish.golden tattoo temporary

airbrush tattoo

golden tattoos



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