Temporary Tattoos That Look Real 2016

People going for tattoos usually want to show their passion towards something or just have fun by getting a unique design on their bodies. However not everyone risks to go for permanent tattoos and temporary tattoos are just for them. There are many versions of getting temporary tattoos and before getting one we do a thorough research to find a design that looks like a real tattoo.

Temporary tattoos are easy achieved and don’t demand much effort. The most popular types of temporary tattoos that are worn in 2016 are Decal-style temporary tattoos, Metallic jewelry tattoos, Air brush temporary tattoos and Henna temporary tattoos. Here we represent temporary tattoos that look real for 2016.

Henna Temporary Tattoosbird henna tattoo 2016

black henna tattoo

henna tattoo design 2016

henna tattoo idea

henna tattoos for women

henna tattoosAs we know the oldest version of temporary tattoos that is still used is henna tattooing. It’s loved especially among women that very often go for henna tattoos. They can be worn on different body parts but the most common parts are hands, feet and some part of a face. They look very nice and are closer to the real tattoo looks. Henna tattoos last only 12 days and they gradually fade. So, if you want a pretty and wonderful tattoo design for some period of time you can get a henna tattoo.

Metallic Jewelry Tattoosmetallic jewelry tattoos

metallic tattoos 2016

Gold and Silver Metallic Tattoos

jewelruy tattoos 2016These tattoos basically reflect gold or silver. Depending on your preferences you can get an eye-catching and very attractive glossy tattoo on your body which will last only 7 days. These tattoos are generally worn by women for their wedding. They look very beautiful and make women body prettier. The shapes of these tattoos that remind of jewelry pieces make them look like real garnish. These tattoos are very fashionable and trendy for 2016.

Decal-style Temporary TattoosDecal (press-on) temporary tattoo cool designs

Decal (press-on) temporary tattoo 2016

Decal (press-on) temporary tattoo for body

Decal (press-on) temporary tattoo idea on wrist

Decal (press-on) temporary tattoo infinity symbol

Decal (press-on) temporary tattooDecal or press on tattoo is easy to apply and remove. To get a decal tattoo you need to remove the protective top sheet and press it on your dry, clean skin. Then hold it with a wet cloth and after 30 seconds pull of the paper. These tattoos are easily removed by a baby oil or alcohol including wipes rubbing on it. These tattoos are found both in bright and neutral colors. If you want a tattoo design closer to a real tattoo you’d better choose black colored designs. They can be worn for special events as additional decorations or just for fun.

Air Brush Temporary TattoosAir Brush Temporary Tattoo 2016

Air Brush Temporary Tattoo 2016

Air Brush Temporary Tattoo idea

Air Brush Temporary TattooThough air brush tattoos are more popular and demand more investment they proved the least image of a real tattoo and may be removed rather soon then decal tattoos. To get one of these tattoos your tattoo artist needs to use FDA-approved cosmetic inks. He is expected to spray on airbrush tattoos by using alcohol-based stencil. Like press on tattoos these tattoos are also easily removed by baby oil or alcohol.

So, the represented temporary tattoos can help you decide which one you need to get a real looking tattoo design. Try to pick neutral colored tattoos to bring closer to real tattoos. We wish you a happy tattooing!



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