The Strangest Tattoo Ideas

21st century is the age full of the strangest ideas that people ever fulfill. Each can do whatever crosses his/her mind without asking any permission, rule or limit. And we looking at this crazy world discover so many interesting and surprising things that drive us mad. However today we are not going to speak about every strange thing that happens in our planet but we’ll discuss the strangest tattoo ideas. Here you can find such weird tattoo ideas that will not only amuse you but will also force you think of many odd things that happen around us. Anyway, wearing tattoos is fun and makes people unique.

So, what strange tattoo ideas can we see in 21st century?

McDonald’s Receipt TattooTeenager With McDonalds Receipt Tattoo

Teenager Gets McDonalds Receipt TattooLately many TV shows refer to this guy that has inked the McDonald’s receipt on his forearm. Norwegian newspaper VG filmed the 18-year-old guy wearing his strange tattoo at the Sabelink studio in Lillestrøm. After being much discussed the many people called him to go for his next receipt tattoo on his leg. But, many think that it won’t happen.

A to-do list tattooto do list tattoo idea

to do list tattoo

A to do list tattoo

A to-do list tattoo on armThis crazy tattoo seems to be a great flight of human mind that created an extraordinary and unique design. Though there are temporary to-do list tattoos but some people may choose permanent tattoo. Wearing it on your forearm you will always be reminded of the things you should do.

Frozen Tattoo Olaf

Getting cartoon tattoos is becoming more and more popular not only among children but also young people. There are cartoons that really inspire many of us and bring an idea of getting a tattoo with the image of our favorite character. This one is an example from the movie Frozen and you see the image of a kind snowman with Olaf. It’s funny and nice at the same time. Other “frozen tattoos «can be seen bellow.frozen Olaf tattoo

Elsa And Castle

Elsa And Olaf

Elsa Portrait

frozen tattoo let it goGlossy Golden Silver Tattoos

These tattoos are generally worn by women, but here we see a man wearing various golden and silver tattoo designs that don’t match each other. Perhaps erasing some of them could make an understandable image of the tattoo but the chaos that is seen in this combination is not chosen carefully. However golden and silver tattoos last only 7 days and we hope that if this man decides to go for a permanent tattoo he will do a smart choice.golden silver tattoos3D tattoo: Socket Outlets

Sometimes people go for unbelievable tattoos that seem to be meaningless. Though this is perhaps something that has a special meaning for the wearer and only he knows why he has worn it. Having it in 3D style makes the image more impressive and eye-catching.3D tattoo deaignsCrazy Louis Vuitton Sleeve Tattoo

Having such passion towards a popular brand of Louis Vuitton is quite fascinating. But getting the logo on your entire arm is odd and crazy enough. All in all it’s a tattoo and not a game to play with. You wear something on your skin that represents your interests and preferences and perhaps the most interesting thing for this guy is this brand with it’s logo.strange tattoo on armRussian Alphabet on Back: Test your Sight

If this tattoo is worn for special purposes like checking your sight then go ahead. You will always help people to test their sight by the help of the tattoo on your back. It even sounds interesting.letters on back



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