Top 10 Tattoo Ideas for Men

Today the majority of men go for tattoos choosing the most masculine and impressive designs. Though there are millions of tattoo designs created for men but we found out the top 10 tattoo ideas for men and now we’ll speak about them representing some fascinating pictures. All in all the most common tattoos for men include tribal tattoos, skull tattoos, and Celtic tattoos and cross tattoos. Other designs that can be used as tattoo ideas are phoenix, bluebird, nautical star, anchor and dragon. The popular body parts for men tattoos are usually backs, chests, arms and lower backs.

Tattoos on Chest: Chest provide with enough space for a big tattoo that’s why many men get a tattoo design on their chests. It makes this body part more attractive and eye-catching. You can wear a cross, nautical star, Celtic knot or a bluebird tattoo on your chest and it will quite influential.

Tattoos on Back: another large body part is back which gives you an opportunity of getting very big tattoo design on your body. Perhaps it’s the largest canvas provided for an effective tattoo design. The most common design that looks very impressive on back is phoenix tattoo.

Lower Back Tattoos: For a hot tattoo you can choose your lower back. Probably this is the place getting tattoos on which may appeal to your partner. You can get a cool tribal tattoo on it and it will look even more attractive.

Arm Tattoos: arm is the body part that shows off your tattoo beautifully providing much space for any tattoo design.  They are easily displayable and this is one of the reasons why men choose arm tattoos.

Below you can find examples of these tattoos along with their meanings.

Phoenix Tattoos for Menfire phoenix tattooPhoenix is the Greek legendary bird that has the ability of rising from ashes of fire every 500 years. It represents power, rebirth, reincarnation and transformation. You can get a phoenix tattoo on your back in a large size. These tattoos are usually combined with fire and the chosen colors vary between brown, black and red.

Cross Tattoos for MenCeltic cross tattoo for menThere are thousands of designs for cross tattoos that are the main symbols of Christianity. But there are also Celtic crosses that have more complicated designs are usually chosen by Irish men. You can combine your cross tattoo with the image of Jesus Christ or other elements that go with the cross designs. It looks very good depicted on chest ans back.

Tribal Tattoos for Mentribal tattoo for menTribal style inspires many men and we see most men going for these very tattoos. They have mystical appearance and due to the sharp designs and the bold black color they bring a touch of masculinity. You can get it on your lower back, back, arm and chest.

Pinup Girl Tattoos for MenPin up girl tattoo for menThis is one of the most alluring tattoos men ever choose. You can see hot and pretty girl on these tattoos that looks very interesting and shows off the desires of men. You can get it on your upper arm to make it more eye-catching.

Dragon Tattoos for Mendragon tattoo for men 3DDragons symbolize power, strength, mystery and in some cases protection. There are many dragon tattoo designs inspired by the Japanese style which appreciate these creatures. You can wear it on your lower or upper back, on the center or on the side. Though, there are also cases when men get a dragon tattoo on their chests.

Anchor Tattoos for Menanchor tattoo for menSince anchors are the symbols of stability, strength, hope and safety men with a stable mind usually go for these tattoos. Getting it on your arm will make that body part quite flashy and will show your nature as a stable man. You can get these tattoos in different colors according to your taste and preferences.

Skull Tattoos for Menskull tattoos for menDue to it’s appearance skulls inspire many men for their next tattoo. They can be portrayed in different designs and forms and depending on the body area you choose to get it on the size can be either small or large. For larger designs you can get it on your back combining it with fire.

Nautical Star Tattoos for MenNautical Star Tattoos for MenIt is believed that the North Star helps people to find the right direction replacing compasses. This is the main reason why men choose nautical star tattoos and they believe that it can show the right direction of their lives. You can get a large nautical star tattoo on your forearm as a symbol of a guide of your life.

Bluebird Tattoos for Menbluebird tattoo on chestThis tattoo shows the pride of sailors that meet bluebirds during their traveling. It is generally depicted on chest and looks awesome with the color combination tattoo artists choose. If you are a sailor or a traveler you can get a bluebird tattoo on your body.

Celtic Knot Tattoos for MenCeltic Knot Circle TattooAs we have already mentioned there are different Celtic tattoos designs including Celtic cross tattoos. Other designs include the Celtic knot tattoos which are complicated enough and represent the Celtic heritage and rich culture. If you are well-aware of the Celtic culture and have some respect towards it you can get a Celtic knot tattoo on your body.



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