Tribal Dragon Tattoo Designs

In our articles we often refer to the tribal style and this time we’ll speak about tribal dragon tattoo designs that are worn by both genders. We’ll also briefly tell you about the origin of tribal tattoos and their meanings. Keep on reading to discover what tribal tattoos are and why people choose tribal dragon tattoos.

The history of Tribal Tattoos

So, tribal tattoos come from ancient times when Native American tribes started to use them as a means of recognition among their tribes. That is, each tribe has it’s tattoo symbols and designs that were typical only to that particular group of people. Members of the same tribe wore the same tribal tattoo designs and this helped them to find each other among other tribes. Tribal tattoos were worn both by men and women and there were cases when spouses wore the same design to recognize each other in the afterlife. These tattoos were basically done by black ink and the tattooing method they had chosen was quite painful. Before tribal tattooing it was supposed to cut the skin and put a mixed paste of ash and soot in the cut.  tribal dragon tattoo black red

tribal dragon tattoo cool design

tribal dragon tattoo for girls

tribal dragon tattoo for men 2016People continue to wear tribal tattoos even today and they think of more improved designs keeping the main theme of tribal style dominant. These tattoos are very popular and look kind of mysterious bringing the touch of antiquity.

When it comes to dragon tattoos we find some association between tribal culture and dragons that are mystical creatures and play great role in several cultures. They are generally positive characters in Asian cultures while in west people consider them evil creatures that ruin and destroy everything around them. So, what are the positive features of dragons that inspire many people for their tattoo design? In China, Japan, and Vietnam and in other Asian cultures dragons are believed to be protectors of people. They also symbolize power, strength, good luck, courage, bravery, good omen, freedom, authority, wisdom, good will and security. Unlike these good features people in west believe that dragoons symbolize bad luck, evil, bad omen, fearsome and destroyer.Wearing dragon tattoo each can put any meaning he/she wants to his/her tattoo design.tribal dragon tattoo on arm

tribal dragon tattoo on back

tribal dragon tattoo on chest 2016

tribal dragon tattoo on nape 2016Tribal Dragon Tattoo Designs

The designs for tribal dragon tattoos are various and include an image of a dragon. The majority of traditional tribal dragon tattoos are inked in black hue. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t use other colors. In some cases red and brown colors are also used to create more impressive design. You can combine your dragon tattoo with Japanese wise quotes or sayings as dragons symbolize wisdom in Japanese culture. The combination of ancient tribal and Japanese styles can create a cool and unique design. These tattoos can be worn on different body areas, but in most cases they are depicted in larger sizes and are tattooed on back, chest, arm or stomach.

Here you can find fascinating tribal dragon tattoos and we recommend you choose a design that most appeals to you and is closer to your heart.tribal dragon tattoo on neck

tribal dragon tattoo small size



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