Unique Fish Tattoos

When it comes to fish tattoos the options are various including different styles like 3D, watercolor or Japanese. But the most popular fish tattoo is Koi fish tattoo coming from Asian cultures. It has not only beautiful designs but it also very meaningful. Other fish tattoos are worn just because the wearers love this or that fish and their nature. In this article you can find many fish tattoo designs that can inspires you for your next tattoo. It doesn’t matter you love fish or not, there are designs that can appeal to you.

So, what kind of fish tattoos can be worn? Let’s discuss first of all that common Koi fish tattoo which is worn by many Japanese people that put special meanings on this tattoo.

Koi Fish Tattoo: Japanese styleKoi fish sleeve tattoo

Koi fish tattooLike many other fish tattoos Koi fish tattoos are also often combined with waves, water and floral elements. These animal live in wild and orange is considered to be the typical color of Koi fish. Koi fish represents power, bravery, good omen, masculinity, courage, strength, endurance and good luck. Though these tattoos are popular in Asian cultures, but people in west also started to wear Koi fish tattoos. They are generally inked in large sizes.

Shark Tattoosshark tattoo on face

3D shark tattooAnother common fish tattoo is the shark tattoo. It is basically worn by men but there are women that get it too. There are different designs for these tattoos and look cool enough. The most impressive shark tattoos are depicted in 3D style. The more natural the colors the more influential it can look.

Clown Fish TattoosClown Fish 2016

Clown Fish tattooAmong cute fish tattoos you can find clown fish tattoo which is pretty and colorful. It can be worn by women that love the colors and the shape of this fish. The main hues are white and orange which look beautiful. You can combine it with floral elements.

Goldfish TattoosGoldfish Tattoo

Goldfish Tattoos 2016

Goldfish TattoosGoldfish is a magical fish that people believe brings good luck and fortune. It is depicted in the nicest way using golden colors and beautiful designs. Goldfish tattoos are worn both by men and women. There are cases when 2 goldfish images are combined in one design.

Betta Fish TattoosBetta Fish Tattoo watercolor

Betta Fish Tattoo

Betta Fish TattoosBetta fish are very pretty and inspiring fish that are basically in subtle hues like blue, pink, green and light red. Their amazing shape inspires many people. They also look very tender and calm. These tattoos are inked in different sizes from the smallest ones on foot to the biggest ones on back. They are incredible when done in watercolor style with a splash of colors.


angelfish tattooThough angel fish has neutral colors but in many cases people get colorful angel fish tattoos. They are cute creatures that have unique shape which gives a great opportunity of creating an original tattoo design.

Bellow you can find other fish tattoos. If you have decided to wear a fish tattoo these examples can help you find the best design for you. Try to look as unique as possible.

Swordfish TattoosSwordfish Tattoo 2016

Swordfish TattooTrout or Salmon TattoosTrout or Salmon Tattoo 2016

Trout or Salmon TattooPiranha TattoosPiranha Tattoo

Piranha TattoosPretty Fish Tattoospretty fish tattoo

fish tattoo designs

fish tattoo idea

fish tattoo on foot



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