Wonderful Henna Tattoos

The name henna generally refers to the dye prepared from the namesake plant and the art of temporary tattooing based on those tints. It was used even in ancient times to dye skin, hair and fingernails both by men and women. It had many useful and healing components. The use of henna was common in ancient Egypt, North Africa, Arabian Peninsula and South Asia. During traditional weddings bridal henna nights were quite important events. Even today in several cultures it remains a significant part of weddings. A Henna tattoo is a non-permanent body design that is done using henna paste. It usually takes about two days to darken and have a maximum stay of about two weeks. Then they eventually start fading away. Today’s article is devoted to henna tattoo art. Here you can find Wonderful Henna Tattoos that are very pretty. They are usually done on hand, legs, backs and chests. Now let’s discuss some fantastic examples.Henna Tattoo Design black


Henna Tattoo Design cool 2016

Henna Tattoo Design feet

Henna Tattoo Design foot

Henna Tattoo Design leg

Henna Tattoo Design nice 2016

Henna Tattoo Design on back

Henna Tattoo Design stunning

Henna Tattoo Design swirls

Henna Tattoo DesignHenna Tattoo: Starting a Family TreeStarting a Family TreeThis design symbolizes a start of a new life and has a deep positive meaning. The pregnant women wore this tattoo to represents the building of a family which is usually compared with a growing tree. It means a lot of people but not every family tree has many branches. So, this can be considered as a start.

Henna Tattoo:  Dark SpiderOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFor a temporary tattoo, this quite interesting. As soon as the henna gets dry the shade becomes more fascinating. Men may prefer to wear this tattoo on the chest.

Flower Henna Tattoo:Flower Henna TattooFlower henna tattoos are extremely popular among women. They are worn on hands climbing up the wrist in a subtle manner. They are combined with different complicated trims that look very delicate and pretty. Fingers are also decorated with small flowers and leaves. Though they look simple compared with other designs but they bring a touch of sophistication.

Lotus Henna Tattoo:Lotus Henna TattooLotus is the flower that grows in muddy waters and still appears on the surface of the water with it’s pure beauty. In many cultures it symbolizes purity and rebirth. Besides these features it is also very beautiful as a tattoo design. It can be worn on backs of women in larger sizes. You can combine it with other small flowers and beautiful leaves.

Subtle Swirls Henna Tattoo:Subtle Swirls Henna TattooYou have already seen pretty trims and swirls that are widely used in thee designs. Taken separately they also look great. This design is done on the upper back of a woman and it looks very sophisticated. It is a good idea for summer months or for special events.

Henna Tattoo: The Moon & StarsThe Moon & StarsMoon and stars are inseparable beauties of the universe. They appear in the sky together and disappear again at the same time. This design is a mysterious one as it represents the night with it’s wonders. Being the symbol of femininity moon is used in many tattoo designs. The fine swirls in this design also give an awesome look.

Blossoming Yin & Yang Henna TattooBlossoming Yin & Yang Henna TattooYin and Yang tattoos recently became very popular. They are worn by both genders representing a perfect contrast of two totally different things that cannot exist without each other like male and female, day and night and so on. As a tattoo design it is interesting and nice.

Henna Tattoo: The Tree of LoveThe Tree of LoveThis simple yet pretty design symbolizes love and life at the same time. The growing tree is the continual life and the shapes of the leaves that represent hearts bring a touch of tender love. The delicate swirls make the design more beautiful and subtle.

Henna Tattoo Design: A Spine Chilling VineA Spine Chilling Vine tattoo 2016The body area chosen for this tattoo is amazingly beautiful. Flowers and the tender leaves that are not so complicated yet look pretty are done in a fantastic way. They are quite attractive and emphasize the tenderness of a woman body.

The rest of the pictures again show delicate henna tattoo designs that are going to inspire you. So, have a look at all the designs once again and choose the one that looks the most beautiful for you. Keep in mind that henna tattoos are temporary tattoos and you can have different designs whenever you want.Henna Tattoo Design beautiful

Henna Tattoo Design bridal

Henna Tattoo Design chest

Henna Tattoo Design cool

Henna Tattoo Design fingers

Henna Tattoo Design indian

Henna Tattoo Design legs

Henna Tattoo Design nice

Henna Tattoo Design pretty

Henna Tattoo Design sun

Henna Tattoo Design trims



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