Wonderful Tiger Tattoos

Tiger is another animal that is used as a tattoo idea. Filling the list of animal tattoos tigers look very impressive and include several interesting meanings associated with their nature. The way they hunt and the way they rule over other animals always inspires many people. There are people that compare the attitude of tigers with their character and feel as if they have something in common. They may sometimes wear clothes made of tiger fur, or may collect things that have patterns that remind tigers and so on. Tattooing is another alternative that is used by a lot of people. They look cool and beautiful. The pretty stripes of tigers bring a pretty touch to a tattoo design. The main types of tigers that are more beautiful are considered to be the Bengal tiger and Siberian sorts.tiger tattooMeanings and Designs

There are several meanings associated with tiger tattoos. What tigers mean in general is reflected on the image of it. As we know the most powerful character of a tiger is it’s great ability of hunting ambushing it’s victim without any flaw. This animal plays a big role in Asian culture particularly in Japanese and Chinese cultures. It is generally connected with dragon which is again a symbolic creature in these cultures. That’s why you may sometimes meet tiger tattoos combined with dragons. It symbolizes the significance of these two creature sin again culture. Some people go for these tattoos to show their interest and respect towards tigers. The main symbols that a tiger carries are: power, strengths, beauty, danger, courage, pride, ferocity, independence, passion and freedom. People who study the lifestyle and characteristics of tigers are well-aware of the above mentioned features that each tiger has. Tigers are super hunters especially in jungles and they feel as if the entire area is theirs and they are the owners of the place they live and hunt. This animal is very beautiful due to it’s amazing orange stripes on the fur and the facial expression it often has.  When you look at the tiger you feel as if it’s a wise and royal creature that “knows” what it needs form life. This is also another reason why people choose tiger tattoos. The designs for these tattoos are different. They can be combined with several elements like floral details: flowers, leaves, trees, forests. You can also combine it with fire or water. The most effective designs are 3D styled tattoos that look quite realistic. You can use ether just black ink or various colors for your tiger tattoo. Both will look fantastic. 3D tiger tattoo

cool tiger tattoo

japanese tiger tattoo

small tiger tattoo

tiger tattoo 3D style on back

tiger tattoo 2016

tiger tattoo design


tiger tattoo eyes

tiger tattoo idea

tiger tattoo whole body

tiger tattoo with water on back



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