Yakuza Tattoo Art: Japanese Style

When it comes to Japanese tattoo art we see incredible art works on bodies. Yakuza tattoos are considered to be a branch of Japanese tattoo art. Discovering Yakuza tattoos you will notice that many people appreciate this art and go for these tattoos. It’s because besides looking good these tattoos also have deep symbolic meanings connected with the Japanese culture. They generally symbolize crime on Japan. Before, it was not accepted to wear tattoos in Japan. After getting such development and having some influences from western cultures tattoos gradually became more accepted. Today we can see different Japanese tattoo designs but the most common theme still remains crime.There were times when the Japanese Government used tattoos as a way of punishment.  The main purpose was to indicate the fact that this or that person has been punished for a crime and so these people were somehow isolated from the society. It was quite cruel since these people had to carry their shame and mistake till the end of their lives.Yakuza Tattoo design for men

Yakuza Tattoo design on arm 2016

Yakuza Tattoo design on armDuring 1600s this way of punishment started to peter out. And people who had tattoos also started to hide them. Very little is known about the origin of Yakuza tattoos. But stories tell that it goes back to 1700s when the yakuza was tattooed with the tattoo design. Actually yakuza is a Japanese gangster or racketeer. People wearing these tattoos would like to show their belonging to a special group. In early ages these tattoos were made by the help of sharpened steel or bamboo or with other sharp tools. This process was of course very painful and long lasting. It became a kind of ritual among Japanese people. People who had the courage to wear a Yakuza tattoo were considered to be brave and manly. The larger the size of the tattoo the more committed and dedicated the person was. It was a tradition to show off these tattoos during social events.Yakuza Tattoo for men

Yakuza Tattoo idea 2016

Yakuza Tattoo on back 2016Till 1945 tattoos were not legally accepted in Japan. But the influences of the western cultures and the case of the world war-2 they started to wear tattoos. Though today many Japanese people wear tattoos but the idea that they are meant for a rebellion against the society still exists.

Because of this negative concept many Japanese tattoo artists did their work covert and in sly ways. However there are people that consider these tattoos as a beautiful art and do not associate it with criminal connotations. Yakuza tattoos are mainly depicted in larger sizes often covering the entire body. Many colors are used while creating these tattoo designs and they are very detailed including Japanese cultural features.Yakuza Tattoo on back for men 2016

Yakuza Tattoo on back for men

Yakuza Tattoo on back large size

Yakuza Tattoo on back

Yakuza Tattoo on chest for men

Yakuza Tattoo on chest

Yakuza Tattoo on legs

Yakuza Tattoo on shoulder

Yakuza Tattoo sleeve



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