Fashionable Hand Tattoo Ideas for 2016

Hand tattoos are recently becoming main stream tattoos and are very popular. Though there are thousands of designs that can be depicted on hands but this body area provides less space for tattooing than any other place. It was only before that man of gang members, prison inmates and indigenous tribe’s used to wear hand tattoos. Today even women get hand tattoos. There are many celebrities including Miley Cyrus, Cherly, Penelope Cruz and many others. So, today, we’ll discuss fashionable hand tattoo ideas for 2016. You will see awesome pictures of hand tattoos that look not only beautiful but also quite meaningful. The most interesting fact in hand tattoos is that you can get several different tattoos on your hand at the same time. Various small tattoos can cover your entire hand including fingers. Sometimes there are cases when people get different themed tattoos on their fingers each having it’s special meaning.hand tattoo skeleton

3D hand tattoo 2016

3D hand tattoo for men

3D hand tattooBefore getting a hand tattoo keep in mind that it has advantages and disadvantages. The main advantage is that it’s quite eye-catching and always allows you to show it off and the worst disadvantage is that the ink of hand tattoos fades quicker than on any other body part. Sometimes some artists refuse doing hand tattoos just because the ink won’t remain and they don’t want to get a name of a bad tattoo artist. However there are artists that don’t care about it and try to do their best to satisfy their clients.  and tattoos 2016

bird hand tattoo

butterfly hand tattoo 2016Women usually choose temporary tattoos as a hand tattoo. It can be of Henna that is very popular and looks fantastically beautiful. Many others choose permanent tattoos just because they want to get a special design forever. Men may prefer just permanent tattoos choosing specific themes for their tattoo. There are two types of hand tattoos: full hand tattoos that cover your entire hand and small cute tattoos that take less space. Depending on your taste and preferences you can choose any style, shape and size you want for your tattoo. You can use tribal, Celtic or 3D style for more serious designs and for funny and joyful images you can take whatever crosses your mind. So, have a look at these pictures and think of a unique design that can be stylish for 2016 and will look fascinating. Also use your imagination to create an original design.butterfly hand tattoo

compass tattoo on hand

couple matching hand tattoo

creative hand tattoo tree

creative hand tattoo

hand skull tattoo 2016

hand tattoo for men

hand tattoo rose

hand tattoos for girls

hand tattoos

henna hand tattoo

SAN SEBASTIAN, SPAIN - SEPTEMBER 25:  Spanish actress Penelope Cruz attends the "Venuto al Mondo" (Volver A Nacer) photocall at the Kursaal Palace during the 60th San Sebastian International Film Festival on September 25, 2012 in San Sebastian, Spain.  (Photo by Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images)

pretty hand tattoo for women

Rihanna henna tattoo on hand

sun and moon hand tattoo

super hand tattoos for men

shh hand tattoo

hand tattoo idea 2016



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