Hawaiian Tattoo Design

Hawaiian culture is known for it’s rich cultural heritage. Due to it today Hawaiian tattoos became very popular among men and women. They basically represent the culture of Hawaiian Islands. The fantastic nature that people see in Hawaiian Islands inspires them a lot. And people who wear this kind of tattoo connect themselves with that culture.

Hawaiian Tattoo Design for Men

Hawaiian Tattoo Design for Men

History of Hawaiian tattoos:

It was known that in ancient times tattoo art was considered to be as “kakau” among Hawaiians. People wanted to show their bravery by getting a tattoo as the method of getting a tattoo is quite painful. It was accepted to do tattoos in black color. And the procedure of tattooing was really painful since the skin should have been cut and only after that the ink was poured into it. Then the ash and soot were left to get dry and the ink turned into black.

hawaiian tattoo ideas

After the Western influence Hawaiian tattoo artists started to do colorful tattoos which gave a kind of exotic touch. The designs of their tattoos are traditionally geometric and symmetric designs.

The style of Hawaiian and Maori are almost the same. These tattoos were used both by men and women but of course men outnumbered women. Some people preferred to cover their whole body with a tattoo and some did partially. Though the designs may look similar but each of them has a specific meaning. They can even hold an entire story in them. If one can read the tattoo he may understand the whole story of the wearer. But having tattoo on the whole body was not meant for women. The most interesting thing in this art it’s symbolic nature.

Hawaiian tattoos contain some symbolic meanings originated from Hawaiian traditions and cultural heritage. People sometimes wear an image of a specific island which represents and tells a whole story. This is a kind of respect towards Hawaiian culture and history.

Symbols and Meanings of Hawaiian tattoos:

Hawaiian tattoos stand for religious devotion, bravery, heritage, ranks, status and such. There are many meanings and symbols one can see in Hawaiian tattoos. Some Hawaiian Tattoo Ideasare represented bellow.

Gecko tattoo design


This is one of the most used and popular tattoos designs in Hawaiian tattoo art. It is believed that this tattoo has supernatural powers. They say that a green gecko may bring illness and bad fortune whoever it meets.

Sharks tattoo design


Sharks are considered to be powerful creatures that are also sacred. The wearers believe that it can protect them.

Tiki tattoo design


The image that is represented was believed to be the look of the first human being. It is the mythical forefather and is quite powerful to feel the danger.

Shells tattoo design


This design represents wealth and prosperity. The origin of shells tattoo comes from ancient times when people used them as a form of currency.

Sea Turtle tattoo design

Sea Turtle

Taking into consideration the lifestyle of turtles, people wear this tattoo for long life and richness.

Orchid tattoo design hawai


This pretty flower is the symbol of beauty, love, splendor and elegance. It is worn by women who want to show their mysterious and free-spirited nature. It looks both beautiful and incredible.

Hibiscus flower tattoo

Hibiscus flower

This flower is one of the symbols of tender beauty and it has a short life. It is usually associated with summer and amusement.

The rest of the pictures will give you an opportunity to get accounted with Hawaiian tattoo art and choose the best one for you. Take into account that each design has a special meaning and before wearing one of them you should be well aware of the meaning of your tattoo.

Hawaii flowers design

Hawaiian flower tattoo

Hawaiian flower tattoo



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